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Honoring Phife Dawg in NYC with Paul Marz, Tyrone Briggs & the Stereotype Fam


by Dave Noodlez

1 week ago in New York City I had the chance to host and perform at tribute concert for Phife Dawg at Karma Lounge, NY.

When the production company JRTM hit me up to perform I was surprised. I haven't publicly performed in years. I had no clue the event production staff even knew I used to write songs and perform around New York City.

Instead of turning down the opportunity because it's been awhile I thought of a way to make it an experience. I thought what better way to share my love for hip hop and honor the late Phife Dawg than to get Paul Marz to join me?  

Paul and I started making music together at age 13. We got that musical brotherhood that is unmatched. When I was getting Stereotype Co off the ground I slowed down with creating music. It hurt but I knew it was a decision I had to make at the time. I just let music be an inspiration to the brand and myself. Paul never stopped. Paul was the first artist I knew to just do his craft full time. He would lock himself in his apartment and just make music. He has since toured the country locally and internationally. It's crazy to see how far his dream has progressed. I was honored he agreed to join me on stage. 

As far as the night went the vibes were great. We had a lot of fun. I was real nervous about hosting but it was a motivational nervous. Paul had friends from Australia who were in town stop by the show. They said they had a great time. It was great seeing friends we knew growing up and new friends in the building with us. Shout out to Juz Roc the Mic, DJ Flykix, Pamela, John, Mike M, DJ Rellic, Angie, Christian Adam and of course Tyrone Briggs for making the special guest appearance. 

This wasn't my return to music full time but it was definitely an inspiration and a reminder to do the things you love regardless of the paycheck. #dontstopdreaming

Photography by Adam Smith @smithproductionsnyc