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HOA Bossman Exclusive Interview + 'Don't' [First Listen]


HOA Bossman is an upcoming rapper from Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn who began rapping at the age of 17, as a means of cathartic and artistic expression. He draws his inspiration from his community, his life’s obstacles and his past personal struggles. Music is his tool to motivate himself and others, to push through hardships and ascend past them. He incorporates his main message, which speaks out against criminal activity and bad decisions, with relatable lyrics, to let his listeners know that that type of lifestyle isn’t as cool as it ’s often portrayed through other artists and the media. He also aspires to become an outlet for those needing emotional support through his music, in the same way that his favorite artists inspired him. “ M y m u s i c i s f o r t h o s e w h o h a v e lost faith and hope.” HOA Bossman writes, produces, mixes, and masters his own tracks, but above all, he is an artist, who achieves a certain level of scrutiny during his creative process. Each minuscule aspect of his creations are fueled by raw emotion, resulting in different sounds, meanings, and messages, ever y time he lets his creativity loose. 

We linked up with HOA Bossman fresh off releasing his new album 'Don't'. Check out our exclusive interview and give his new album a spin.


Why did you make this album / What inspired you to make this album?

Originally I was working on a album that i was going to sell on itunes but had writers block & wasn't able to create my best work so i stopped doing music for about a month or so, ended up hearing the beats for eastside & 100 million i felt a spark, wrote the whole project in about 2 weeks, recorded it all in a 2 week span then said why not drop it on my birthday... it's become a tradition to do something big in my life that's music related on my birthday every year now.

What is your goal as a hip hop artist and artist in general?

Honestly, I started out just making music for me, well i still do make music just for me so when i need to express or reflect on my own issues i rely on music to get me through my problems, so its my outlet to stay sane at this point, but as i started to get deeper into the biz i started having more of a buisness goal as well... i mean i would love to be able to just tour & meet fans for the rest of my life but on the other hand i would love to be able to support my family, get my mom a nice home, pay for my niece and nephew's schooling, start a charity & do community work... so i guess i just want it people to be a good people again & to be stable in life to do right by the people i love.


When did you know you wanted to make music?

I always loved music since young, use to remix songs on the radio for fun when i was 8 but tragically the passing of my grandmother is what got me deep into song writing & help me make my mind toward actually moving forward and recording the music, i love the feeling of getting my feelings out so i kept going & haven't stopped.

How did you come up with the title for the album? What inspired that?

Well, its was based off my  mood and vibes i was on during making it... every time people tried contacting me i would just ignore it, like please just don't bother me, don't waste my time, don't come round unless your helping out, don't even talk to me until i'm finish with this... just don't.

What is your dream now that you just accomplished this dream?

I feel like I never accomplished my dreams, so the dream is the same. just blame my hunger for more bigger and better things in life. 

Who helped make this album what it is? 

First off i gotta thank all my fans, friends, family, & anyone else in my life for the insperation. My House Of Aura Family / Label.Engineering, Mixing, & Mastering Goes To Big Phenom, CJ Williams, K Solar, & Myself as well far as production myself, Yung Hiri, WordNerd , Craank, Wondagurl, Ashton McCreight, & Ryo Klout, my assistant / pr Angela Nguyen for helpign me design the artwork & giving feedback, Zacary Murphy for shooting the photos for the artwork. Bridget Perez, K Solar, Theo Ferragamo, Cj Williams, Radamiz, & Jhene Aiko For The Features

What is your favorite track? Why?

Hard to pick a favorite child when you birthed them all, know what i mean?They're all great to me, I think I bump my music more then anyone else.