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Staten Island is about to be 'Viral' [Save The Date 1/24/16]


15+ Artists From Staten Island to California to Chile Lend Works For VIRAL

Sunday, Jan 24th From 6 - 9 PM at Deeptanks Studio (150 Bay St.) in St. George, Staten Island - Walking Distance From the Staten Island Ferry Terminal & Location of Eric Garner's Fatal Arrest In Which Final Words "I Can't Breathe" Became A Rallying Call Around The World


January 7th, 2016, Staten Island, NYCVIRAL is a gallery show which will feature the work of visual and musical artists from Coast to Coast exposing real-time censorship through free expression. The show is being curated by Staten Island-native, Nati Conrazon of local arts & programming collective ISLA. 


At a time when aesthetic art is decried for its influence on changing communities everywhere, VIRAL is reconnecting expressive art to its political roots in NYC. The event will feature a range of works, from Photography to Visual Art to Poetry & Music, with one simple question in mind: "Can Love Go Viral?"


"We are a community still in need of healing, still in need of a safe space to come together in freedom," says Nati Conrazon. "VIRAL is an opportunity to do that through art - to heal and to take stock of what we need to do not only locally, but globally - as the tides turn towards justice."


She continues, "We've invited Ramsey Ortathe young man who shot the video of the Eric Garner fatal arrest and faces three court dates this month in Staten Island, and the national organization he is working with, We Copwatch, to do a free community demonstration on best practices for filming abusive authorities. Monies from select works will also be donated to Ramsey's cause. But this is not a grim occasion. This is a celebration through expression of what we can do when we ask each other seriously, can love go viral?



►Featured Artists & Photographers Confirmed◄
Mike Shane Photography (Staten Island)
Nina Parks (San Francisco)
Cekis (Chile)
James Dupree (Philadelphia)
Kool A.D.(Bay Area)
Trust Your Struggle (Oakland)
Bunny Michael (NYC)
Octavio de la Paz (Oakland)
Cósmica (Texas/NYC)
Because Capitalism Interactive Booth by Nicole Brydson (Brooklyn)
Kristopher Johnson (Staten Island)
Mothermoon Arts (Oakland)
TooFly (Queens/Ecuador)
taeOne (NYC)
Magie Serpica (Staten Island)
Alvaro Corzo (Los Angeles)
Jeremy John Kaplan (Philadelphia)
Oree Originol (Los Angeles)
OZI MAGANA (Oakland)

Stereotype Co
More to be Announced!

►Poetry from members of NYSAI Press like Gia Dupree, Eric Alter and more!◄

Nenjah Nycist (Rising Sun All Stars) & Nani Castle will be performing acoustically plus more to be announced◄

►DJ Dizzle (U4IC Floor) on the 1s & 2s◄

►Proceeds From Select Works Will Go to Ramsey Orta's Youcaring Crowdfund Campaign:◄

►Follow ISLA on Facebook for updates◄

Support from: The Legacy Eric Garner left behind - Legacy GarnerOccupy the Block Staten Island Women Support GroupStaten Island against racism and police brutalityFive Boro Story ProjectWe Copwatch and more to be announced!