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YaniPaints Respect the Artist Interview

Amanda Giordano


How did you get into art?

I have been an artistic individual individual since childhood. My grandmother was always yelling about the mess I made in the house with my art supplies. Thankfully, she never stopped me from expressing myself creatively. When corporate American started driving me crazy in 2016, I turned to my first love, painting.

However, I am still a graphic designing art director by day while being a Fine art painter by night and on weekends.

Graphic design was the happy medium for my family between "my starving artist passion" and what they thought was a respectable profession.

Do you have an Artist name? How did you get your Artist name?

My artist name is YaniPaints. Honestly, it just made sense. I shortened my name and added what I do to the end of it. YaniPaints. It grew in popularity the minute I changed my instagram handle. I have to thank an old associate for that suggestion.

What did you do to advance your skills/knowledge?
Outside of being buried in YouTube videos, reading books and constantly practicing techniques, I reach out to the other artists I admire and ask them to teach me their ways.


Who inspires you?

People that inspire me in my daily life are my family and friends. They keep my sane and grounded. 

What is your goal when you make art?

When I first started, it was to release the feelings and creative energy I had cooped up after a long day at work. Now, I create art to see how I can push the boundaries and make even better pieces than I did the day before.

What's your go to song right now?
The running joke with my friends, is that every song is my song, so here are a few:
Famalaay by Skinny Fabulous, Machel Montano and Bunji Garlin

Haad Work by Adeeno Produced by Nick Rebel

You & I by Fresco Don


What is your dream as an artist?

My dream as an artist is to continue to traveling the world and sharing my art.

What is some advice you would give to someone with a dream to become an artist?

It is 2019, being a professional artist does not mean you need to starve. Jump on google, research how other artists have been making a buck, and figure out how you can make yours while following your passion.

Where can people find you? (social media, website, etc)

Instagram/Twitter/Facebook: @YaniPaints 


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