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Lea Anderson's new music video "Real Love" is dope!

Amanda Giordano

You can watch the Official Video for “Real Love” here:


It is available for streaming and downloads on all platforms. Spotify

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ABOUT: “Real Love” was the first song I wrote in NYC after spending 5 years traveling as a Musical Theatre Artist (Singer/Actor/Dancer). I actually wrote it after my first NYC date. I was excited about someone new from a completely different walk of life, being taken out on a city I haven’t discovered yet. I was excited for a fresh new chance for real love. I wasn’t dating while I was working so I went in fresh with no baggage or expectations. I wondered, what if we treat every romantic encounter like that brand new love? What would it look like? Can I be comfortable, confident and simple enough to be your natural woman?

I find that we as humans bring “other things” into a relationship: Past burdens, expectations, new bad habits that our former lover wanted that we necessarily didn’t want to do. As adults who’ve been in the scene for a while sometimes struggle to see someone for whom they are as opposed to what you’ve seen before. He didn’t approach me as this well traveled Southern Belle. He assumed I was married or in a secret relationship because allegedly everybody cheats, everyone lies. Not realizing that I would be faithful, patient—- I would be your natural woman if you say you want to be with me.

Only when we actually adore someone for what they have done with you instead of what you assume they may have done with someone else, one can you achieve real love. It doesn’t have to be hard, we can be lovers and great friends if we drop all of out doubts and just try. Natural. Rare form. Real love. “Real Love” is essentially needed today so that my generation knows that love can exist during the slide in the DM’s age. You just have to believe, forget the past, and bring back real love. 

It features Columbia University Professor, Matt Dickey on acoustic antique guitar (made in 1973) and was produced by 16 time Billboard Award, and Grammy nominated producer D-Moet.