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Dream Warriors Interview with Miguel Perdomo


Written by Jessie C

Hey guys what’s up, how are you on this  Wednesday September the 19th. Thanks for joining us again this week on this segment of  “Dream Warriors”. This is our second week and can’t for more weeks to come. Remember always be grateful for the day and the guy above. Speak it into the universe and you shall see all that you’d said will come true.

Now, let’s get back to the segment  I would love to introduce the special guest Dream Warrior of week 2. He is from Paterson, Nj, 36 and his name is Miguel Perdomo. His dream is to be able to take care of his family doing what he loves which is acting/modeling full time.

He has been featured in magazines, websites, poster boards from target, old navy, jcpennys and so much more.

Hey Miguel, let’s get to it. 

Can you mention an experience that can be turned into a major turning point and became an obstacle?

Everyday im faced with should i quit my job and pursue my dreams full time but i cant at the moment because i have a son and its all for him. 

I see, that’s very common within basically everyone following a dream. 

Any recommendations or advice that you can offer someone stuck in this same place?

 Always stick to your guts and instinct! Keep pushing and praying god will resolve your issue asap! 

What can be said that is learned from this?

Ive learned that god has your time not you yourself. Sometimes it may feel like your ready but god is the one to send you a sign when its time.

Any extracurricular or just anything you would love to partake in? 

I would love to partake in coaching my sons basketball team and primarily setting the stage for him to never work for the man! Ha

What makes you keep going? 

What makes me go for more is the fact that I’m not done reaching my best version of me also my family being able to provide for them on a different scale is the dopest shit ever! I hustle 24/7 for them. My wife is a dope support system too I just dont post her because my page is all business but yes shes very present and i love my family because we roll as a unit.

Well that’s amazing Miguel that wraps up our time, I want to thank you for your time.

Thank you