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Respect the Shooter Interview with Joseph Daye

Amanda Giordano


How did you get into photography/videography?

I have always been fascinated by photography and art, but I decided to take it more seriously as I began to travel. I really wanted to be able to capture the experience and it kind of snowballed from there.

What did you first use to take photos?

My first camera that I spent time to learn was a Canon 6d, but I had plenty of other random cameras before that.

Where did you go to school? Do you have any formal training/self taught?

I went to school at the University of Arizona. I was originally and Art major, but later switched. All of my photography training as been through workshops, the internet, and other photographers. 

Do you have any nicknames?  How did you get that name?

No nicknames, but my IG handle jdayela is a combo of my first initial, middle name, and LA for my home town.

If you could take photos of any 3 people who would it be?

Kobe Bryant, Kate Moss, and Elon Musk

If you could take photos of any 3 people that are no longer living who would they be?

Johnny Cash, Abraham Lincoln, and Tupac

If you could take photos in any 3 cities what would they be?

Nepal, Tokyo, and Marrakesh


What is your goal when you capture photos of someone?

My goal is always to capture the fullest and most complete representation of the subject’s personality in that moment. That truly is a product of a mix of both the photographer, subject, and concept.

What music do you listen to when you edit photos?

My musical taste is all over the place, but some favorites are the Arctic Monkeys, Duke Dumont, and the Wu-Tang

What's your favorite app on your phone?

The camera for sure


What is your dream as a photographer?

I just want to create one photo that stands the test of time and can be remembered long after I turn to dust.

What is some advice you would give to someone with a dream to be a photographer/videographer?

Shoot everything and shoot often. Don’t worry about what anyone is going to think of your creative taste as that will change through experience, but you will never get there if you don’t hone your craft.

Where can people find you? (social media, website, etc)

Instagram: jdayela