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Amanda Giordano

Why did you make this album?

"I made Close Encounters to finally have some product for people to hear. People would catch me doing shows and ask for my music and I didn't have anything, so I started working on my own album."

What inspired the title 'Close Encounters'?

"The name Close Encounters was just something I was thinking when I was brainstorming ideas for album names. My names Greg Close and the more I thought about the name it worked perfect. Things just happen like that."

If you could do remix to one song on the album and anyone as your guest feature, what song what it would be and who would you have on it?

"If I could remix any song and have someone be a feature, it would be Molina. I would need a dope boom bap artist and seeing how Styles P's one of my favorites, I'd have to get him on there."

Who helped make this album what it is? Writers, Producers, Muses, Support System, Etc

"I'm very happy about the people I had working with me on this album. Winna of Roxbury Sound did a lot of production and killed it. 5 of 10  tracks were produced by him.

Jon Glass of Glasshouse engineered 9 of the 10 song on the album and produced 2 beats. 

My homie Gable, aka Honeycomb engineering my intro, which was my first song I did coming back from cali.

Adrian Swish for hooking it up with a few beats.

And everyone of my friends and family that has been there in support, I couldn't ask for a better group of people on my journey."

What is your favorite track? Why?

"My favorite track on the album would have to be Buckscore. The track has a lot of energy and hidden bars in there."

What is your goal as an artist?

"My goal as an artist is to make good music, but I also have to play the role of the businessman. I have no end goal seeing how I always strive to reach new heights but I feel music will be something i do for life."

When did you know you wanted to make music?

"I use to sit and rap the words to the CDs I stole from my brother as a kid. At the time I didn't know I wanted this like i do now, but now that I look back I've been training for this my whole life."

What is your dream now that you just accomplished this dream?

"My next step is to set up a tour around the country. I want to get this music exposed while I keep creating all this new music. By doing that I be closer to completing my next dream of world tour."

Have you ever been Stereotype'd? Tell us more

"Of course I've been stereotyped. I would imagine everyone has at some point, but mine being the obvious fact that I'm a white rapper."

Have you ever broke a Stereotype someone had of you? Tell us about it

"A lot of people I know and still meet cant believe how far I've come, or that its me. This wasn’t ever a plan I just made music. I love to write, now that I show my music to people and see the face they make, I can tell they wouldn't think I could produce a product like this. But they love it."

What advice would you give to someone that is looking to pursuit their dreams?

"Don’t give up. There's plenty of times it won't work but when it does run with it. Let you music come from your heart and don’t loose yourself. There's no such thing as your best in a creative environment."