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Respect the Shooter with Adrianna Najchow multidisciplinary artist

Amanda Giordano

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How did you get into photography/videography?

It started with my interest in fashion, and my attempt to work in the modeling industry. Once my “modeling carrier” was cut short, I realized that I not only loved standing in front of the camera, but also in back of it.

What did you first use to take photos?

Pentax K-x

Where did you go to school? Do you have any formal training/self taught?

I finished a Photo-technical school in Europe, but if I have to be honest, I wouldn`t say I learned much. I’m still figuring things out and learning new techniques every day.

Do you have any nicknames?  How did you get that name?

Yes, haha. I have multiple!

The most popular being ‘Ada,” which is the short version of my name in polish.

My friends use a sweet version of it which is “Adusia”.

And then there are also some people who call me “Jordan” because of my height.


If you could take photos of any 3 people who would it be?

Christy Turlington

Freja Beha

Natalie Portman

If you could take photos of any 3 people that are no longer living who would they be?

James Dean

Bridget Bardot

Gia Carangi

If you could take photos in any 3 cities what would they be?

I think every place has something unique and beautiful to offer. I don’t even know where to start when it comes to photography in New York, but I couldn’t think of a better place.

But to answer your question, I wouldn’t complain if I had the chance to shoot in: California, Japan, and France.

What is your goal when you capture photos of someone?

Capture their real emotion.

What music do you listen to when you edit photos?

It varies so much :

Indie/alternative, electro, deep house, 80s/90s, new wave, post disco.


What's your favorite app on your phone?

Without question, I would have to say Instagram

What is your dream as a photographer?

Working for a re-nowed fashion magazine.

What is some advice you would give to someone with a dream to be a photographer/videographer?

The same advice I would give myself: shoot more!


Where can people find you? (social media, website, etc)

Ig: americanadny