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7 Things We Are Thankful For That Happened This Year


1 - Mermaids Vs. Pirates - This event was inspiring. Seeing the entire community come out for this interactive event was definitely one of the highlights of our year. Erin Kilbane and team created such a beautiful setting. Then we had artists from all different boroughs come out and kick it. Such a beautiful night. See more photos here

2 - FemaleCentric - Teaming up with Unicorn Empress on FemaleCentric was truly an honor and pleasure. This event featured over 25 women artists, speakers, educators and females of influences. This day was so inspiring. See more photos


3 - Musication3 - Teaming up with Projectivity to bring Musication3 back to 5050 Skatepark was something else. 8 Dj's, 30 artists, projections, tshirt making, live murals. It was great to see technology meet art. It was definitely a highlight to provide a donation to the Lark Fund that will help put musical instruments in schools. See more photos

4- 3D Hats - When we create products our main goal is to give you a meaningful timeless piece that doesn't look or feel like anything else. Our 3D Hats have been quite a hit amongst our StereotypeFam. Wait till you see what we do next. Shop hats here


5- 7th Anniversary Celebration.  It was an honor for us to celebrate our 7th anniversary collaborating with 7 of our favorite artists (Chris Rwk, Unicorn Empress, Tiffany Porcu, John Exit, Erin Kilbane, Phucker, Magie Serpica) to make 1 of a kind shirts for our Glow in the Dark Fashion show. To make things even more awesome this was named " The Official Afterparty of Illuminate Stapleton". 7 years ago we dreamed of having so many great people to work with today we are living it. Watch the video here. View more photos


6- What's Your Dream? Since launching this project this summer we have been able to interact with 100's of people around the world. It's inspiring to hear about the dreams of people from all over. We can't wait help people with their dreams. No matter where we both live technology has helped us connect and work together. Tell us your dream


7- Being here. Sometimes it is hard to grasp all the beautiful things that are happening because things are happening at such a rapid pace. To think 7 year ago we started with just 1 T-Shirt and today we have grown to collective of some of the best people in the world working together to make dreams a reality. Just being here and being able to share these moments, art, projects and experiences with people not just locally but globally mean the world to us. 

2015 has truly been the best year of our lives at Stereotype Co. We are thankful for everyone we have had the chance to interact with, work with and speak to during our journey. We Hope you have a great holiday! Don't Stop Dreaming