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Respect the DJ Interview with Anfisa Letyago @AnfisaLetyago

Amanda Giordano

How did you get into DJing?
It was kind of natural thing. I started in 2008, I couldn't help it, I had to share my selection with my friends, I wanted them to listen and see if they enjoy it too. So I was the one arranging small parties until I had promoters starting asking me to perform, not sure how it all happened but I ended up playing in clubs and I was at ease.

What did you do to advance your skills/knowledge?

I used to study piano at school as a kid so I had sense of rhythm and tempo but of course to improve technique I used to play home in front of a mirror or asking my friends to listen. That's what friends are for LOL. Besides this I had the chance as living in Napoli to attend events where international house/techno djs were performing so this enriched my knowledge I could listen to so many different kind of styles and music and this helped to open my mind, I have been playing for 10 years so far

What did your first setup look like?

My first one was made of cdj 100 pioneer and a mixer. Not much you know, I could not afford buying before I started making money of my own you know

What does your current setup look like?

Today I play with CDJ 2000 (3 or four of them) + DJM Pioneer 900 and Rmx-1000.

How did you get your DJ/Artist name?

My Mum LOL ... Anfisa Letyago is my real name. Anfisa has greek origins despite it being the Russian version of it.

If you could DJ at any 3 events/festivals what would they be?

That's a tough on there are so many I would play to all of them. In Uk in the more housy ones or Germany in the more techno. I would say London, Mannheim and Miami.

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If you could dj in 3 cities what would they be?

Tel Aviv - amazing city and crowd

Beirut same as above and of course my city of adoption Napoli

However it's difficult to pick just 3, I enjoy most of the gigs I play and I would definitively re-play again and again.

If you could be a tour DJ for any artist (dead or alive), who would it be?

I would say Depeche mode

What is your goal when you play live?

My main goal is to first enjoy myself but also to have people to get into my world and be a part of it even if only for a while, I like to share positive vibes, it's a need I think has always been in me.

What's your go to song right now?

Gut Feeling-Yukata (Kenny Summit & Eric Kupper’s Private stock mix)

What is your dream as a DJ?

To produce as much good music I can, having my music played all over the world supported by colleague and to be blessed enough to get to manage to play myself  around the world too

What is some advice you would give to someone with a dream to become a DJ?

Not to look at others, not to compare to others, look at others for inspiration and learn but never copy or think of what is 'tendance' , do the music you are really into and add lots of love and self denial.

Where can people find you? (social media, website, etc.)

Instagram @AnfisaLetyago