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Phillip II - Set You Free [Behind the music]


Phillip II - Set You Free [Behind the music]


We linked up with emerging artist Phillip II to talk about his latest track 'Set You Free' produced by J.Glaze. Check out what he had to say about the meaning and process in our first session of 'Behind the Music'

by Phillip II

"She's been looking for love in all the wrong places and just can't seem to meet the right one. Until she least expects it. It happens right before she finally gives up one night not looking for it "

The record was produced by J.Glaze (J.Glaze Productions) out of House of Dreams Studio in Staten Island, New York. The beat was almost switched per my request during a late night studio session. I wasn't getting where Glaze was heading stylistically. The drums kinda seemed dated. Plus, I was getting tired. 

This was my first time working with a producer from the ground up in terms of production and facilitating in that creative process of finding a sound (or mine rather). 

As he came up with the melody, the keys, I pushed myself creatively to find where I could sit and become apart of the track. I asked him to go in the recording booth and freestyle with the idea maybe this would get the juices flowing - I was right. My approach was to start with the chorus first with every song. I picked this up from the way Dr. Dre produced the artists that he's worked with through interviews I've seen. The hook literally just came to me as I pushed myself creatively through free-styling. I couldn't help but channel Prince's spirit as "Baby your loves in chains" came to mind. I immediately caught a second wind and the rest of the chorus became a natural performance in studio. The rest of the song was inspired by a music video I'd seen maybe two or three weeks prior to me being in NYC. It was a Prince video...Purple Rain - the one with the beautiful girl watching him perform. I don't know why I thought of that, but my creative inspiration just seem to gravitate toward that mental visual. Hence the songs premise*

The songs not featured on anything currently but this is the second song (with professional original production/mixed/mastered) released via Soundcloud.

Make sure to follow Phillip II's journey by connecting with him on Souncloud

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