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JP Reynolds - Mirror


JP Reynolds - Mirror


JP Reynolds - Mirror

(Courtesy of Peace and Power Media)

“Mirror” is a hip-hop song about a straight cisgendered man’s reflection upon
his contribution to the current sexual climate in light of the #MeToo movement.

It’s the second song in a series that JP REYNOLDS intends to continue throughout the year, releasing at least one song per month.

“I definitely have been looking back on my own sexual history and re-evaluating behavior that could have been harmful even though I’m supposedly one of the so-called ‘good guys.’ The unfortunate and ugly truth is that the bar is just set way too low and rape culture is the air we breathe. And frankly, it’s not enough to just look in the mirror to realize I, too, have done some things I’m not proud of - I’ve got to make some changes. I hope this song can inspire some genuine thought.” - JP Reynolds

Blog Photo Credit: Kolin Mendez