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JP Reynolds - Icebergs [Audio]


JP Reynolds - Icebergs [Audio]


Article courtesy of Peace and Power Media

Artwork: ZILLA

Artwork: ZILLA

Peace and Power Media, in partnership with Savant M+E, announces the release of “Icebergs,” JP REYNOLDS’ fourth music offering of 2018. It was produced by Dream Life. It’s available everywhere music is streamed.

“Icebergs” is a rap song about the underground work that nobody sees required for success that sounds like Drake’s “5AM in Toronto,” but more jazzy and more about the come up and less about the floss. It’s the fourth song in a series that JP REYNOLDS intends to continue throughout the year, releasing at least one song per month.

Even though icebergs look to be gigantic above-water, the portion on the surface only accounts for about 10% of its mass. The other 90% of icebergs are underwater and hard to see at first glance. JP REYNOLDS further explains: “We could learn a lot from the giant chunks of ice that float in the ocean. So I employ an iceberg mentality, which means that I’ve got to keeping floating and be in the flow even if no one will ever see the real work, the 90%, the unseen.”

In addition to releasing the song, JP REYNOLDS is issuing a social media #IcebergsChallenge: Post a picture of yourself in the flow. Use lyrics from the song! The person with my favorite photo will get free merchandise.

JP REYNOLDS is a hip-hop artist from Mount Vernon, NY currently based in Harlem, NY. He blends jazz, soul, gospel, and funk into an eclectic rap gumbo. Follow him on Instagram and Twitter @OfficiallyJP_ and for more information, please visit