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Fit Your Stereotype [Healthy Mindset]


Fit Your Stereotype [Healthy Mindset]


8,500... 8,550.....8,551....

I flick my wrist to see my FitBit Charge HR stats and  I'm struggling. And I realize I am not getting faster. I'll either embrace the cold weather or continue fantasizing about the last 11,000 steps. 

I prefer to run during the summer time. Grab a pair of shorts, sneakers, and have a dope playlist on deck.  The next hour goes by in a flash. 

But here I was in Marine Park, Brooklyn  at 7:12am in October. Heading out the door was not as easy as during the summer because I had to worry about layering my clothing to accomadate the drop in temperature. Five miles down, two more miles to go.

I was training for the Men's Health Urbanatholon Classic (10 mile) Obstacle Race in Queens. It's a sprinters course. Having run the entire stadium at a Spartan Race, I knew endurance was key to finishing in under 2 hours. 


I absolutely despise cold weather but training NEVER stops. In this case, I have to prepare for the cold concrete, the chill of an open scrape in 50 degree weather or worse-- risk more scrapes on my body than usual.

I'm almost there.

But now I'm desperate, and the finish line feels so near but yet so far. I begin daydreaming, hallucinating even. Why was I doing all of this? My OCR 2016 goals of standing on podiums while collecting more medals flashed before my eyes. I began envisioning starting my own profitable obstacle course and a sponsorship program to help finance my fellow racers 

Soon, I wasn't consumed with the amount of steps I had left. I embraced being lost in this dream for my own salvation. Before I knew it, my timer went off. I completed my goal. I stopped to take the ceremonial picture with my Fitbit app to document my training session. When I looked at the picture, suprisingly my eyes passed over my stats and onto my attire. I wore a hat to combat the chilly weather and a sweatshirt. 

My sweatshirt from StereoTypeCo read, "If you're reading this it is not too late to start dreaming."

It's never too late indeed. 

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