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Dream Warriors Interview with Derek Johnson


Dream Warriors Interview with Derek Johnson


derek jonson staten island

Written by Jessie C

Hey guys we are officially less than a week away from Christmas and 2 weeks away from the New Year. That means people will come up with resolutions and either stick by them or give them and try again the following year. In this week’s DreamWarrior segment features a man that made this year really count. He’s just starting out professionally this year. As of now has shot and edited 2 weddings, couple baby showers, sweet 16, a child’s birthday. Has done a child’s photo shoot, filmed events at the local sports bar Bootlegs including their “silent parties”. He is the official photographer for IAM clothing label, one of our locals, let’s welcome Derek Johnson.

Jess: How are ya? Thank you for your time 

Derek: Thank YOU for having me

Jess: So Derek any other things you’d like to do or take up beside photography or videography?

Derek: Sorry, um as of right now no. Videography and photography is my passion. I love doing it and look forward to learning all that i can with It. 

Jess: I get that, makes sense , perfecting the craft.
What is the ultimate dream?

Derek: The dream is to live out my life as a videographer/photographer traveling the world with it. Would love to be a personal videographer for a celebrity. Going on tour with them and such.

Jess: That sounds super fun and dope, yea I mean the fun and love in what you do is important, if you don’t have that then it won’t work.

Derek: Thats a way to look at it .

Jess: What is a DreamWarrior?

Derek: Some one who is hellbent on chasing their dreams.

Jess: Any turning points you’d like to share with us? 

Derek: Honestly I’m in that turning point in my life right now. The choices I’m making, have made, and is going to make is shaping what my life is going to turn out to be.

Jess: Turning point for the positive, ok ok that’s definitely a great thing. 
Any advice to give some entrepreneurs out there, or DreamWarriors?

Derek: Advice? Go through It, trust the process and trust that whatever you are going through is for the better. You’re going through it for a reason.

Jess: What is something you are working on now?

Derek: I’m currently building a community around Nerd Culture. We partnered up with a shelter on the island and doing a Coat Drive.

Jess: That’s amazing, so thoughtful and it is definitely appreciated. That can help any and everyone we may or may not know. Everyone has a rough patch in their lives, very honorable.

Jess: Do you feel a DreamWarrior can have 1 dream or multiple?

Derek: I feel they’re based on whatever they define what they’re fighting for whether it be 1 or multiple if that makes sense.

Jess: yea that makes sense, just go after whatever you decided are your dreams, well Derek I want to thank you for your time and all of your answers; highly appreciated. 

Derek: Thank you again, for having me

Jess: Guys that wraps up our Dreamwarriors segment this week, can check it out at @steretypeco Instagram, as well as mine @jessie5_world, link will be in bio. Also on the website and if you wanna check up on Derek or ask him questions directly ig is @captain.charisma_ . Peace and love everyone, spend time with the family and stay safe.