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Dream Warriors Interview with Jamel


Dream Warriors Interview with Jamel



Hey guys it’s Jessie, the lady recognizing the warriors. Representing with the Dreamers and creating the highlights of the DreamWarriors found around the world. We are all back from the break , hope everyone enjoyed their holidays and Happy New Year to all. Peace and love to the year 2019 even to the non supporters, thank you for all you do. Introducing our next DreamWarrior is a 32 year old full time dad from Brooklyn. Some things he likes to partake in are lifting weights , scratching records and taking photos. He also likes cooking with his daughter. Everyone please give a warm welcome to Jamel!!!

Jamel: Thank you for having me interviewed, it’s a privilege. 

Jess: No problem, I appreciate you taking the time out, and also appreciate the support of my DreamWarrior shirt. For all of the audience that doesn’t know, @stereotypeco and I collaborated on a shirt a few months back. Jamel happened to be one of the supporters that bought a #dreamwarriors “Nothing less, but definitely more”. It means so much to me because the saying is basically my whole life story haha..and the quote is from my poetry book “Gloetry” published and available on Amazon. Now enough of me. 

What is being a DreamWarrior mean to you ?

Jamel:Being a dream warrior is more than just a name on a shirt. Its a way of thinking positively. Being able to be a risk taker. Not being afraid of falling.

Jess: Would that mean chasing after 1 dream or multiple dreams? 

Jamel: Dream warrior is based on fighting for multiple dreams. It can be personal or family oriented, it’s all important.

Jess: What are some of your dreams?

Jamel: One of my dreams is to get a master in psychology, even going further to say,getting a doctorate in that field. I want to open my own practice dealing with at risk youth. Making a living djing and doing photography are also dreams of mine.

Jess: Anything that influenced you specifically that may feel there’s youth at risk in your neighborhood ? Also, you work with children now?

Jamel:  Want to prevent gang related shootings, leading to deaths. I’ve been to too many funerals for kids under the age 18. To answer your other question, yes, I'm a paraprofessional for the board of Ed and a Team building specialist for an afterschool program.

Jess: Any turning points in life that made you experience a speed bump ?

Jamel: Fighting through the court system to get custody of my daughter. As a black man we go through alot of heartache; especially when you are trying everything in your being to be the best father you can be. Ultimately after 2 years I won full custody.

Jess: That’s amazing ! One thing I will never have my daughter to experience that on my terms. If the other person want to make it difficult for themselves to be around their child; wouldn’t be my choice 

to keep her away. I’m so sorry you had to experience that, it’s unfortunate for the good dads and unwilling mothers.

What can you say you learned that you can give other guys advice?

Jamel: it’s very unfortunate, stay focus and do your research.If needed so hire a private lawyer. I didn’t at the time, I decided to represent myself. Understand it's okay to be angry but remember to play chess not checkers.

Jess: With that being said there you guys have it, another DreamWarrior in the books. Check out Jamel at his Instagram @mr_biggz_daboss for any advice or questions. The interview can be seen at Instagram @stereotypeco and their website and also my page in my link under DreamWarriors blog, ig page @jessie5_world.

Thank you again for tuning in guys and thanks Jamel for coming 

Jamel: Thank you for having me