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Dream Warriors Week 1 with Carissa Pignatelli


Dream Warriors Week 1 with Carissa Pignatelli


Written by Jessie C

Hey guys happy Wednesday, thanks for joining us this week on this segment of  “Dream Warriors”. Let’s think about the all the good things that are going on in your life and take a second to be grateful for them. Take a second... Breathe in through your nose.... breathe out through your mouth. Even if you feel there aren’t any good things going on, always remember there can always be a worst situation; we have to appreciate lots of the little things that we take for granted. Let’s keep our arms wide open for all blessings to be received. 

Now, let’s roll out the red carpet and introduce the special guest Dream Warrior. One of Staten Islands very own Carissa Pignatelli, who believes a Dream Warrior is simply someone who fights for their dreams.  She was featured in a small part of a hit show, an aspiring actress, poet and trying to get out of her “comfort zone” and start stand up comedy. 

Carissa do you feel a DreamWarrior is based on fighting for one dream or multiple dreams?

“Notice how my definition for a Dream Warrior has “dreams” in it. In life I think we have many dreams but there's always one maybe two that seem to take priority. Plus I have noticed that as we grow and change our dreams will evolve and sometimes we may not want what we thought we did. However there may be some dreams we may not realize that we wanted until a little later in life”. I feel this is very true and I can add that some dreams you add earlier in life can also resurface later down the line. Tell us are there any dreams you have already accomplished and any currently you are going after? “Two dreams I have accomplished one was to become a nurse the other was to own my own place I accomplished it. Both took a lot of blood, sweat and tears but now my dream is to become a working actor.” That’s pretty awesome and congrats to that. Your dreams are yours and I’m happy you’ve accomplished those thus far.

Can you mention an experience that turned into a major turning point and became an obstacle?

Maybe leaving you to make a hard decision? “When I lost my grandmother and uncle I realized life is too short not to pursue what I wanted. At the time I was working a job that I hated I was so stressed out I was becoming a person I didn't like. Everything suffered my body was declining and my relationships it was like everything around me was being affected by this one thing that I thought was relatively small. So I tried to look around for something better also manage my money so I wouldn't be starving either, took me awhile but I got it”. Wow, I totally get it. Sometimes life can have that domino affect. One part of your life definitely can affect another area. 

Any advice you would like to offer someone that, if not going through a similar situation but had one?

“Well I can say for the time being is remember what you're working so hard for don't forget that you have a dream to chase and although you may not be chasing it as diligently at that moment don't forget about it. The little free time I had was spent going to poetry reads and sending out online auditions. So do what you can while you work the job you hate, remember why you're working hard, so you can give more to your dream”.

Very well put, amazing advice, I want to thank you for your time Carissa. “Thank you for the opportunity”.

This ends our weekly “Dream Warriors” segment, tune in til next week guys.