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Dave Noodlez Releases New Spoken Audio Track 'Garden'


Dave Noodlez Releases New Spoken Audio Track 'Garden'


Dave Noodlez has just released ‘Garden’ a spoken track that speaks on the importance of following dreams. Produced by Tone Jonez, the song features an 80’s style beat as Dave talks about putting in effort to that things that matter.

The song was engineered at Stereotype Co and Projectivity’s new creative lab . This marks Dave’s first release since dropping 5 tracks in 5 weeks last year. In a statement, the artist explained that falling in love inspired him to record again.

“I was speaking to a high school class a few years ago and I remember talking about looking at your dreams like they were a garden. The more time you spend in your garden the more proud you are of it.’” he said.

“So I wanted to talk about how dreams do not happen overnight. They happe after years and years of dedication.” he added. Listen to “Garden” in the video above or scroll below to stream it now.