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The Commission drop a new Album, Documentary & Photoshoot with Stereotype Co


We are proud to premiere their new album 'What Else 3', new documentar directed by Jasmine Freeman and The Commission x Stereotype Co photoshoot. Be sure to stay connected with The Commission @4thecommission. This looks like the beginning of a bright future for this group. Be sure to check out our shop and see our latest summer releases that are featured in the shoot.

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The Things You Learn While Making a Film: Black Sun – The Seventh Seal [Story by Gerard Ucelli]


From Left to Right: Ian Ustick, Writer; Christian Caputo, Director; and Gerard Ucelli, Producer of Caputo Productions.  Photo Credit: Vladislav Grach   

From Left to Right: Ian Ustick, Writer; Christian Caputo, Director; and Gerard Ucelli, Producer of Caputo Productions.

Photo Credit: Vladislav Grach


We recently linked up with Gerard Ucelli, Producer of Caputo Productions and asked him about his teams latest project 'Black Sun - The Seventh Seal'. This is a dream of theirs to create and we thought it was great that they are taking action on their dream. Read the entire article below written by Gerard.

It was November 2013 where Ian, Christian, and myself were nonchalantly conversing at Lee’s Tavern in Staten Island. The concept of Black Sun was developed when Christian was in high school back in 2008 as a family thriller. In an hour’s worth of time, Christian’s cinematic knowledge mixed with Ian’s history background correlated to enhance the story of Black Sun.

 FBI Agent, John Langan attempts to convince his old friend Max Viggerido to help him hunt down members of a mysterious cult who have engaged in several ritualistic murders.

The next 6 months consisted of us three meeting every week to establish a short script for a 17-minute film along with an Indiegogo campaign that built the bridge to make Black Sun a reality in August 2014. As different as the three of us are, passion is the word of connection.

Photo Credit: Fabian Harvey

Photo Credit: Fabian Harvey


     Our upbringings and viewpoints are vastly different from one other. However; we were all curious on the reasons we disagreed for a better understanding. Ultimately, this showcases the value of teamwork that lead us to eight film festivals since the summer of 2015. On top of that, we received the Orson Wells Award for ‘Best Film Narrative’ on December 30th to close out the year.

     To kick off this year, we’re looking to expand our short into a 75-minute feature film, Black Sun – The Seventh Seal. The story continues as Max Viggerido on the run and framed for murder seeks to clear his name and uncover the secrets of a mysterious cult and a mass conspiracy dating back thousands of years. Caputo Productions is proud to announce that we are teaming up with Fuzz on the Lens Productions to produce Black Sun: The Seventh Seal. Fuzz on the Lens (Halloween: The Legacy of Michael Myers, Catch of the Day, The S.I Clown and Abnormal Attraction) will act as consultants and producers on the upcoming project.

      Passion is the heart of Caputo Productions and when we believe in something, we achieve it. If Seven had a child with X-Files, you will get a mysterious attitude with riveting suspense known as Black Sun – The Seventh Seal.


Photo Credit: Vladislav Grach

Photo Credit: Vladislav Grach

Please check out our Indiegogo as we have incentives ranging from signed props to an official ‘Black Sun’ calendar. Your support deems you as a friend to us rather than a fan. Black Sun Franchise is here to stay because dreaming is our reality.