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B-EZ TYPE88 Freestyle


B-EZ stepped into the booth for a TYPE88 Freestyle.

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Check out B-EZ’s new single ‘Complex’

Vally Girls release their debut single 'Amazing'


L.U.V Valentine and Mimi Skye recently released their new song ‘Amazing’. The 6 and 7 year old sister duo both sing and rap on the track. The chorus goes “If we’re not in school then we’re always playin, But when we make songs they’re so amazing.” L.U.V. and Mimi definitely have a bright future.

The video is below. Check it out and support these young girls following their dreams.

Dot Dali - Master Piece (Official Video)


"Master Piece" is off Dot Dali's latest project ‘{P.A.I.N} Poetry And Instrumental Needs’. Clips from the video are from our event with Unicorn Empress ‘FemaleCentric 4’

Video Shot & Edited By: $ynatra Films @domxxl

Connect with Dot Dali

IG: @2Pac_Dot @UnderdogsBiteToo

Twitter: @2Pac_Dot @UnderdogsBiteToo

Soundcloud: @2Pac_Dot

Descendent 'A Voice for the People' Interview

Amanda Giordano

Why did you make this album?

The reason why I made this album is to speak on issues that I felt needed to be discuss that has not been brought to the forefront enough in our culture. 

What inspired the title 'A Voice for the Voiceless'?

I wanted to speak to the people that I felt are left out in this world. For the people who may not have the platform to address their issues, I am speaking up for them.

If you could do remix to one song on the album and anyone as your guest feature, what song what it would be and who would you have on it?

The first song that comes to my mind that I would remix is "Not Good Enough" and the guest feature would be Rapsody! I think she would be perfect for the song putting some black girl magic on the song uplifting women of color with her lyrical wit.

Who helped make this album what it is?

Writers, Producers, Muses, Support System, Etc. My engineer was Agent Midi recording at his studio in Raleigh, NC & I also recorded with Doam Peace from DXA Records in New York City. The producers are Agent Midi, P.A.T. Junior, Soul Phresh, Unorthadaks, Clientel, Sean G. Traxxx & EarforSounds. Photographer, single & album artwork Julius Stukes. Support system was my fans when I had shows & on social media giving me word of encouragement during the recording process. 

What is your favorite track? Why?

This may sound cliche lol but its very hard to pick my favorite song on the album. I really took my time creating the track list and I am very proud of each song... sorry lol

What is your goal as an artist?

My goal is to be on the biggest platform I can possibility be on to spread my message across the world without selling my soul.

When did you know you wanted to make music?

I wanted to make music in High School around 14-15 years old. It was the feeling of being on stage performing and feeling that energy from the became very addictive to me. One of the greatest feelings in the world!

What is your dream now that you just accomplished this dream?

My next dream is to go on tour to promote my new album & take advantage of my next opportunity to get me to the next level of being a full time artist.

Have you ever been Stereotype'd?

Tell us more Yes, unfortunately I have been stereotyped a lot being  black person living in America. One of the most recent was when I was walking home and a woman thought I was going to do something to her when I walked passed and she jumped & made a noise. I knew something would odd when she can looking back at me when down the block but I was trying to get home quick because I was very tired from work. when she jumped it scared me so much that I continued to walk home which was around the corner. On was very uncomfortable I deal with it too much.

Have you ever broke a Stereotype someone had of you?

Yes, I remember back in summer school I was talking to a classmate and he said that "dirty people live downtown." I told my classmate that I was from downtown and the classmate quickly apologize and told me he was always taught that no good people come from downtown Newport News, VA and he saw that was not true & thats how I broke a stereotype.

Links to my album A Voice for the Voiceless -

Randy Mason TYPE88 Freestyle


Randy Mason stepped into the booth for a 9 minute TYPE88 Freestyle.

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Look for Randy Mason's single 'Get Busy' on all streaming platforms

Paul Marz confirms death to ego on latest single


paul marz death of a star

When listening to Hip-Hop it is common to hear songs about partying, love, popping bottles and the hustle.

Egyptian Emcee, Paul Marz from the home of the Wu-Tang has something different to talk about.

"This song is about killing your ego and becoming what you were meant to be. This is my 10th year going & there’s a reason I haven’t stopped.", says P Marz.

In his 4th release off his new project, Paul describes his journey in the music game as if he was a warrior on a new planet.

The song is unlike anything I have heard. For the 4 minutes you truly step into the shoes of the rapper/business man.

The song was masterfully produced by J.Glaze that features DJ scratches and cuts from Mista Sinista of The X-Ecutioners.

Paul plans to release a new song every 2 weeks until his new album 'Death of a Star, Rise of a Titan' is available in November.

The song has the substance to shine a bright light both into the hearts of young musicians looking to get started and those that have been at it awhile still reaching for hope.

I think there is something to learn from every Paul Marz track, especially this one.

Surprise Release "Same Thing Gengar" (feat. Jordan Barone)

Amanda Giordano

(NY, NJ, CT) Elusive Lofi producer, Gengar Musique has released a chill collaboration with Staten Island artist, Jordan Barone, a remix to Barone’s debut single, “Same Thing”. Officially titled “Same Thing Gengar” (feat. Jordan Barone), the collaboration serves as a fresh perspective on the original single, and comes as the perfect close to the extended summer.

The Gengar Musique Collective and Red Planet Records collaboration comes as a surprise release, although rumors have been stirring since the original “Same Thing” release. Although “Same Thing Gengar” delivers a new, unique vibe for the Lofi niche, the overall sentiment remains unbroken, conveying loneliness, longing, and lust. The Gengar Musique Collective, lead by Gengar Musique, has been releasing Lofi productions for the past year, working at an international level of collaboration. The group of mysterious producers have generated a following on both SoundCloud and Spotify and are most notable for their independently curated Spotify playlists. Jordan Barone’s original “Same Thing” fits into the larger “Midnight Conversation” EP, set to release late 2018, reverberating the theme of love lost to poor timing and ambitions, as an ode to the journey of success. The “Midnight Conversation” EP is made possible (in part) by a DCA Premier Grant from Staten Island Arts, with public funding from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs.

You can follow @Gengar.Musique and @JordanBarone_ on Instagram for the latest news about future releases and links to music.

Nico Woods Newest Track and Visual "Waves Freestyle" is Dope

Amanda Giordano

Song: "Waves Freestyle"

Artist: Nico Woods (Bronx, NY)

Produced by Freddie Joachim

Video shot by: Zone40Photography

Video directed by: Nico Woods




Nico Woods

Twitter: @raplikenico

IG: @raplikenico

Facebook: Nico Woods (@raplikenico)


IG: @zone40photography

Facebook: Zone40 Photography

Short Description: Nico Woods is a hip hop performing and recording artist based in the Bronx, New York. He combines a lot of new age energy with just the right amount of old school charm to keep the “real rap” fans invested. With the help of the zoneTRiBE’s resident visual man 40 La Ma (zone40photography) Nico gets super comfortable in the fun  “Waves freestyle” video while he casually and effortlessly raps over the beat.

Thank God I'm Frank | Interview with Frank Nitti

Amanda Giordano


Why did you make this album?

I’ve been writing music since age 12 because I’ve always felt alone and recording for 9 years now I feel the music scene got watered down and Staten Island got overlooked Talent Wise! Talent Wise We Have The Best Musicians! 

What inspired the title 'Thank God I'm Frank '?

I’m Originally from Harlem And A lot of my Friends and Family Don’t make it past 21 let alone 30 #iAmBlessed 

If you could do remix to one song on the album and anyone as your guest feature, what song what it would be and who would you have on it?

I would say No Time and Tyrone Briggs,Hue Hef and Dave East

Who helped make this album what it is? Writers, Producers, Muses, Support System, Etc

Shout Outs To WHPH Jo Wabbie First and Foremost! That Guy Knows Sound Like The Back of His Hand! The #iAm Family including Andrew Daniell , Drew York , Migs718 , Mike Loco , Dj Matty Rich , Street Pavers and IGK 


What is your favorite track? Why?

Sound-wise Risk I’ve Really Risked A lot Including Family Time To Pursue Music and Time Is Something We Can Never Get Back 

Favorite Overall Song Autobiography it tells my back story that no one really knows.

What is your goal as an artist?

Goal as an artist is to break out the shadows of other artist of Staten Island and give substance to the game I feel the violence drugs ect. That the streets provide is only due to the music they follow. 

When did you know you wanted to make music?

Music came to me around the age of 12 I always wanted to dance the beats of songs used to make me feel alive inside but at a party in Harlem I messed up my leg and then trouble at home started to brew and I felt I had no one to vent or talk to so I picked up a pen & pad and wrote down some feelings then added them to some beats.


What is your dream now that you just accomplished this dream?

To give knowledge and substance to what the youth hears THEY ARE OUT FUTURE! 

Have you ever been Stereotype'd? Tell us more

Have you ever broke a Stereotype someone had of you? Tell us about it

I’ve definitely been stereotyped due to All the tattoos not knowing that I got the tattoos so I wouldn’t hurt other people I inflicted pain upon myself I’ve been called a womanizer because of my unsteady home life I didn’t  know what relationship was and Now that people take/took time to get to know me they see I’ve had/have the most genuine heart and wanna see everyone excel at what they love and their passion consists of! 

Some last words...

#iAm is the two strongest words for whatever you put after them shapes your reality! Be YOU Everyone Else is Taken 

Link to album

T.G.I.F. (Thank God I'm Frank) by Frank Nitti