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Paul Marz confirms death to ego on latest single


Paul Marz confirms death to ego on latest single


paul marz death of a star

When listening to Hip-Hop it is common to hear songs about partying, love, popping bottles and the hustle.

Egyptian Emcee, Paul Marz from the home of the Wu-Tang has something different to talk about.

"This song is about killing your ego and becoming what you were meant to be. This is my 10th year going & there’s a reason I haven’t stopped.", says P Marz.

In his 4th release off his new project, Paul describes his journey in the music game as if he was a warrior on a new planet.

The song is unlike anything I have heard. For the 4 minutes you truly step into the shoes of the rapper/business man.

The song was masterfully produced by J.Glaze that features DJ scratches and cuts from Mista Sinista of The X-Ecutioners.

Paul plans to release a new song every 2 weeks until his new album 'Death of a Star, Rise of a Titan' is available in November.

The song has the substance to shine a bright light both into the hearts of young musicians looking to get started and those that have been at it awhile still reaching for hope.

I think there is something to learn from every Paul Marz track, especially this one.