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#DontStopDreaming Limited Edition Higher Conscious Apparel and Art Handcrafted in Shaolin 

3 Dope Collaborations & 1 Dope Concert Tomorrow


3 Dope Collaborations & 1 Dope Concert Tomorrow


What's Up Stereotype Fam

I remember watching "How To Make It In America" years ago when I started this brand with my brother and Paul Marz. Someone on the show said "There will be a day where you will have a lot of ideas and no money. Then there will be a day you will have a lot of money and no ideas." 

I can't imagine not having no ideas. I definitely don't have a lot of money. I find myself naturally being creative. It's not something I plan like "today I am going to be creative." It definitely helps that I am surrounded by inspiring people.

Stereotype Co just released 3 new collaborations with 3 different people. 

The first one is with Medal Addict. Our good friend Justin Manning at Medal Addict was our Dreamer of the Month and we gave him the opportunity to design a shirt with us. This guy and his tribe is all about health, wellness and taking home medals.

The second one is with La Femme Cheri.  Our Stereotype Fam and I planned to make a 1 of a kind drawing and it ended up being so dope we made it part of the official collection.

2 weeks we had a really dope photoshoot with 7 Girls and Smith Productions. Below are a few photos but feel free to 


Check out the La Femme Cheri x Stereotype Co 'Girls Run The World'

The 3rd one is with emerging hip hop artist William Starda Perry. This is one artist that is all about his community. He teaches kids in 4 different schools how to write and record music. To celebrate his new album and single KOMC we present you the KOMC tee. This is for kings and queens. Wear your crown with pride.

The tee's will be available tomorrow at the KOMC concert and ONLINE.

The concert will be free and open to all ages in the community

I remember when I released my first tee shirt. It meant a lot to me. It was like 10 years ago but I remember the vibes. 

It means a lot to us to work with Medal Addict, La Femme Cheri and Starda on their very first tee release. 

Stereotype Co supports emerging artists, athletes and educators. If you have an idea on how we can improve the community. Hit us up

Support emerging artists, athletes and educators on their quest to make the world a more positive place. Support your favorite artists here.