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Respect the Shooter with Giovannie Hankerson


Respect the Shooter with Giovannie Hankerson

Amanda Giordano


How did you get into photography/videography? 

I got into photography when my cousin let me borrow his camera. 

What did you first use to take photos?

I used a canon rebel t3i with a 18-55mm lens

Where did you go to school? Do you have any formal training/self taught?

I still go to school, I go to College of Staten Island and I study Graphic Design. When it comes to photography it was mainly self taught along with some help from friends. My graphic design was mainly taught from my college.

Do you have any nicknames?  How did you get that name?

I mainly go by Gio, since my real name is Giovannie. Until I created the IG "Gii_Wizz" the name rapidly caught on and now people call me that or simply "Gii".

If you could take photos of any 3 people who would it be?

That would be Young Thug, Amber Rose, and Alexis Ren.

If you could take photos of any 3 people that are no longer living who would they be?

Michael Jackson, Lil Peep, and Marilyn Monroe

If you could take photos in any 3 cities what would they be?

Brazil, Italy, and France.

What is your goal when you capture photos of someone?

My goal when capturing photos of someone is to see something in them that they thought they wouldn't see. I try to bring out whatever they want to show in the pictures I take. Whether thats creative, sexy, or fashionable. I will help you reach your goal.

What music do you listen to when you edit photos?

I mainly listen to a lot of hip hop music when I edit. Mainly 6ix9ine, Young Thug,  ASAP Rocky, Lil Uzi, Travis Scott, and Kanye West.

What's your favorite app on your phone?

My favorite app would have to be Instagram, with Facebook coming in close. 

What is your dream as a photographer?

My dream as a photographer is to make an impact with my work. To the point where people know its my picture just from my editing, framing, and styling. I want to push people into not trying to be into a box with their photographer, by sticking to one specific aesthetic. 

What is some advice you would give to someone with a dream to be a photographer/videographer?

Always carry your camera on you because you never know what will inspire you in that moment. It could be a sunset, flower, a dog, a stranger, it doesn't matter, if it moves you take a photo of it. Also always keep shooting and editing until you get tired of it, forcing you to be inspired by new things and to experiment with your art. 

Where can people find you? (social media, website, etc)

You can find me on Instagram: @gii_wizz