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Brodie Jaymz brings you "Chasing Summer"


Brodie Jaymz brings you "Chasing Summer"


Want a fun, catchy and well produced album to tune into? Look no further! Brodie Jaymz has nailed it with "Chasing Summer" My favorite tracks are Tequila Sunrise and Lighthouse Point. Make sure you check out the album, you will not be disappointed.

And be sure to tune into the exclusive interview with Brodie!


Why did you make this album ?

To have fun making the music I wanted to make. and to bring back a certain nostalgia for summer. 


What inspired you to create 'Chasing Summer'?

Traveling. I was grabbing experiences from each place and putting it into the music 


What is your goal as a popular artist and artist in general?

to have fun doing what I love and leave my mark on the world


When did you know you wanted to make music?

While I was writing my first song. I knew it felt right 


How did you come up with the title for the album? What inspired that?

Knowing eventually this awesome summer I was having was going to end and wanting to keep it going


What is your dream now that you just accomplished this dream?

To make the music hit a bigger platform


Who helped make this album what it is? Writers, Producers, Muses, Support System, Etc

Me and my engineer Joey. Just having fun. Trying new effects and sounds. my support system being friends and family are always with me for each project in spirit. I put a little bit of all of us in the music  


What is your favorite track? Why?

Me & the Waves - because its the most relative to me right now. its a very up to date on where things are. and it showcases me rapping and singing. 


Have you ever been Stereotype'd? Tell us more

fortunately I have grown up in a very diverse way. I'm more stereotyped in music than in life. 


Have you ever broke a Stereotype someone had of you? Tell us about it

I made this album. With only one song explicit. And a lead pop single. I broke the stereotype of me being just a rapper. 


Is there anything we can keep an eye out for[future projects, different direction, products, other elements]/ what is your next move?

I want to get out some of the music from my team. Rebrandt keeps telling me his album is coming in fall. And MMJA (Jason Adams) is working on his single as we speak. 


Where can people find you?

Apple music, Spotify & All other music streaming sites.


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Instagram: @brodiejaymz

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Twitter: @brodiejaymz

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The album is available on  Apple Music, Spotify and all music streaming sites.