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Let's help friends Bring Healing Hip Hop to Incarcerated Youth


Let's help friends Bring Healing Hip Hop to Incarcerated Youth


Our friends at Urban Art Beat have a mission. Read the article below from the UAB Donation page (written by Rosaleen) and see how you can help.

Urban Art Beat has been invited to start a program with incarcerated LGBTQ youth at Rikers Island. 

 It is called Beyond Beats and Bars

mission statement:

a process dedicated to the personal development of our youth

within the criminal injustice system.

through critical revolutionary hip hop pedagogy

we tap into expression, experimentation and example.

creativity is our key to dialogue

as we unlock the possibilities of poetic progress.

*Image "Sad Kids" by Emory Douglas

*Video by David Koh


Most important question right now is how we will get there with the a highly trained team of teaching artists and mentors.

Why raise funds? Like, what SPECIFICALLY will your donations be going towards? I'm glad you asked! 

We're here to serve the youth and that costs money! We live and love Hip Hop and serve through our Critical Revolutionary Hip Hop Pedagogy, so we are reaching out to our village, as it takes a village, to raise a village!

Rikers Island is one of the most notorious jails in a country too full of jails.  They are giving us an opportunity to serve. As fervent opponents of the School to Prison Pipeline, we want to get in there and empower! We want youth in the system to know its not the end for them and that there are opportunities and power to be found in their own voices! 

But we need your help. Riker's certainly isn't paying for it. We need to cover costs associated with preparing for and executing  Beyond Beats and Bars

a new black arts movement will ground us as we prepare, spiritually, communally and pedagogically. 

We are reaching out to you to help us prepare as well. You are our village, the system is sick and the youth are the ones that suffer. We know that our style of Hip Hop workshops heal. Help us bring that healing to Rikers Island!!

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