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A Secret You May Have Not Known About Stereotype, A Dream and Job Opportunity


A Secret You May Have Not Known About Stereotype, A Dream and Job Opportunity


What's Up Stereotype Fam

I wanted to let you in on a little secret. 

Stereotype Co still operates out of my parents basement. It's not something I am ashamed of. I just wanted to shed some light on our company. We print, produce, assemble and craft all the items you have seen, worn and purchased right in my families basement in Staten Island NY. As convenient as this may be there are some issues we deal with by working from this location

1. It is difficult to have workers here unless I am here with them.
2. It is impossible to train interns. (city and state regulations)
3. It gets in the way of my family
4. Interruptions
5. Other peoples stuff is in the way. The basement is also where my family does their laundry. It's not a mess down here but there's a lot of stuff everywhere.
6.  It is not a professional setting. Makes it difficult to have meet ups, training. This makes it harder to score big accounts and grow.

Even though the rent is low to operate out of this location where I grew up. It makes it a little difficult to grow. We are currently dealing with growing pains.

I love my parents and this is no way a diss to them. I am very grateful they allow me to work out of here without giving me shit  like " you're too old to work out of our home" . They are full supportive of Stereotype Co. My dad actually just gave me a bowl of chicken soup right before I started writing this.

I wanted to publicly tell you guys my newest dream. My dream is to have a Stereotype Co office before the year ends. A place where we can focus on creating, training and growing together. Maybe even a place where we can have workshops and teach people in the community things. I figured by putting it out there it will inspire me to make it happen. And who knows? Maybe someone out there will want to support Stereotype Co on this new dream.

Which leads me to say this.

Stereotype Co is hiring! 

We created a Street Team Program that allows you to work from anywhere in the world and make some extra $ working with Stereotype Co.

This is one of our first steps into growing into a space where we can give people FT jobs.

Click the image below to get more information and see how you can become a Stereotype Street Team and make some $.


We appreciate your love and support over the last 8 years. You have allowed me to do nothing but Stereotype Co and for that I'm grateful.This is my life. This isn't just a job. Some people still think I'm crazy but I just call it Crazy in Love with what I do. 

Hope you all have a great weekend