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#DontStopDreaming Limited Edition Higher Conscious Apparel and Art Handcrafted in Shaolin 


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By submitting your dream you take the chance of us sharing it with our global community. Leaving your name and social media info is optional. The most essential thing is letting people know your dream. Don't stop dreaming.

Stereotype Co only collects dreams to turn them into digital posters and share them on social media. We  may also enter you into contests for chances to complete your dream. If your submission is of vulgar language we hold the right to not share the dream on our website. All dreams are quotes from their respected owners credited on the photo. Submissions take aprox 1-3 weeks to appear on our website. You have the right to share, repost, retweet. Tag @StereotypeCo #DontStopDreaming and the person whose dream it is. Thank you for your participation