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#DontStopDreaming Limited Edition Higher Conscious Apparel and Art Handcrafted in Shaolin 

Street Team

Join the Stereotype Street Team Fam

We appreciate your interest in joining our worldwide network of active dreamers.

Active Dreamer - One who takes action on their dream

As a growing company Stereotype looks to connect with people around the world that believe in spreading good vibes, helping the community and working together. Signing up gives you the opportunity to meet a worldwide network of dreamers, spread positivity in your community and make some extra $. 

This is opportunity where you can get what you put in. This is not a full time job but an opportunity to grow with the brand as we grow. The more positive vibes you share the more ways we can support your dreams.

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FAQ / Terms and Conditions

The Stream Team Fam program works really simple. We provide you a code that you can tell friends, family and fans to use at our shop. When they use the code. You make a commission of the sale. Our commission is 10% payment (shipping and taxes not included.

Payment Structure

For example if someone uses your code and pays 35$. We would pay you $3.50 

If someone pays $200 in products. You would make $20 commission, ETC

We pay every Street Team Fam once a month via PayPal. Please sign up for PayPal to accept payments. We do not pay cash or mail checks. If you are unable to accept PayPal we can send you product in exchange for the commissions earned.

You may also use your commission towards products as well.

 We cannot provide login information for you to check your sales for the month at this time. We will communicate via e-mail every time someone uses the code within 12 hours of the sale being accepted. We cannot share information of who uses the code for privacy purposes including full name, social media and address. 

Terms and Conditions

Spamming is not allowed. Anyone who spams will be removed from the Street Team.

Using our brand and logo with explicit imagery is prohibited (sex, drugs, racism, negative language, violence, etc)

 If you plan on working with us and we see you out there posting negative stuff you will be removed from the Street Team Fam.

Buying product and reselling items is strictly prohibited without our consent

Yes you can use the code when you purchase items for yourself and yes you would get the payment as well.

Please read these terms before applying above