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#DontStopDreaming Limited Edition Higher Conscious Apparel and Art Handcrafted in Shaolin 


David Nudelman



Unbreakable was a project designed to inspire and relieve people affected by Hurricane Sandy in 2011. It began with a social media outreach asking individuals to send pictures of their hands making powerful notions such as hearts, peace, power fist, etc. 40 photos were used out of the entries and turned into a collage. Next we printed the design t-shirts with the words Unbreakable and sold them everywhere. 100% of the proceeds were used to make ‘Unbreakable boxes’ for 8 individuals affected by Hurricane Sandy. Each box was customized to the individual with items like customized clothing, giftcards, vintage items, art, photos and Unbreakable certificates. 

The Unbreakable design was used for the promotional campaign for the ‘Many Hands Art Show’ at 50/50 Skatepark which helped raise over $5,000 for victims of Sandy.  I launched a GoFundMe and raised close to $1,000 for victims. The last 2 years I produced a community Event Givemas raising $1,000 each time for Hurricane Sandy victims.



Blessed was a t-shirt released in 2013 made to encourage people to count their blessings. The front reads blessed and the back reads blessings with a tally. The bottom right reads “I lost count...” signifying there are too many blessings to count. This was a collaboration with a 16 year old musician Lucid and my company Stereotype Co. I mentored Lucid on how to start a fashion line throughout the entire process. From sketching ideas, to finishing the design, to screen printing, packaging, marketing, photoshoots and finally shipping the product. This has been our largest selling shirt of all time.


Blessed T-shirts gave birth to Blessed Popup shops. The popup shop consisted of 1 artist, 1 photographer, 6 foot drawing board, pieces of paper, pens, wheatpasting materials, table, chair and blessed products. The experience was designed to give people a place to count their blessings. The artist would ask visitors to write blessings on the paper which he would then wheatpaste on the wall. The pop up shop used marketing materials encouraging people to share their photos on social media. 

Front of shirt

Front of shirt

Back of shirt

Back of shirt


Musication; an art and music festival where I partnered with Projectivity to produce, curate, design, develop, promote and throw in November 2014. Musication, I developed from the two words music and celebration. The festival featured live music, 2 live muralists, an art gallery featuring featuring work of 30 artists painted on vinyl records, a vintage photobooth, our blessed popup shop, mini recording studio and 3D printing makerspace. This event was birthed from Projectivity's founder approaching me to help design and curate experiences at 5050 Skatepark. It was proclaimed by many community people as “the most successul event in Staten Island of 2014”. The event was a fundraiser helping raise $1,000 for the Lark Fund.

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Music is my Drug

Music is my Drug; one of my most popular shirts designs from 2014. The mission was to touch on the topic drug usage but create a positive message. Music was spelt in music notes, a microphone, keyboard, headphones and the Stereotype logo. Drug was spelt out of red and white pills. Inside each shirt read ‘Be Responsible’.. The shirt released at a time where there were many deaths happening at music concerts so the mission was to give people a slogan reminding them that music is all we need to have a good time.


Since 2012 I have designed over one hundred different snapback hats.  My goal is always to create a hat of high value and symbolism that is unlike any hat available on the market. I carefully finish each hat in my studio; applying the center pieces to the front and screen printing the bottom of each brim with our signature Stereo logo. Snapback hats have been one of my most well received endeavors since becoming an artist.

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