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#DontStopDreaming Limited Edition Higher Conscious Apparel and Art Handcrafted in Shaolin 

People and Dreams


My dream is to become a well recognized Producer/Artist. I want to create a new sound for the folktronica and pop genera and express world values and issues that we seem to over look on a daily basis. My dream is to make a full time living in the music industry making people happy and other unique artists successful along with myself. - @connerblevins80



"When you're looking for material substitutions to fill a void that isn't tangible to begin with, one starts to notice a consistent unfulfilling state that only keeps craving for more substitutions. In the end no material object will console that space. My dream is enlighten the world with this message. That we all have the power to feel fulfilled, but we have to decide it for ourselves" - @producerjazz
Photo by @angielmv


This past week we had the opportunity to link with UNI-G, DJ Rich Kidd, Jarvis and Smoke Dza at the Uni-G and Friends show. 

Photo by @mikexdiexverse


"My dreams and motivations are to pretty much break down any barriers in the modeling industry for more petite models. I have of course my own personal dreams such as doing more editorial work, and just trying to be the best I can be."Erica Jae




"My dreams are to build my brand and label further than what I envision. My vision for my label and music is to help those who end up in the position I am still rising from. I see myself as a CEO for my company but a leader to the world. (DYT773) is all about the deep passion and consistency towards goals, Overcoming and continuing is the main factor for me. Being great is more than music it's changing what is needed to keep rising from what was dragging you."

- @trizz_dyt773