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#DontStopDreaming Limited Edition Higher Conscious Apparel and Art Handcrafted in Shaolin 

Kwue Molly Ninja Mask

Ninja Masks

Kwue Molly Ninja Mask

kWUE mOLLY 2.jpg
kWUE mOLLY 2.jpg
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Kwue Molly Ninja Mask


1 of kind Handpainted by Kwue Molly
Mountable with Mask

These 1 of kind handcrafted masks were made by 14 New York City based artists for the Ninja Party. The Ninja Mask Gallery was curated by Staten Island art legend John Exit and Stereotype's own Dave Noodlez. In honor of Staten Island's Eric Garner the gallery will be donating 50% of every mask sale to his family during the duration of this gallery.

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