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Dream Warrriors Interview with Samantha Mellone


Interview by Jessie C


Special contribution this month of October. It’s breast cancer awareness and this first segment for this month for Dream Warriors will feature a strong woman who got herself checked. She is decided to increase her chances and get more at life after being tested positive for BRCA 2. We are thankful for having her a part of our blog. We are here every Wednesday on the website Staten Island’s own Samantha Mellone. 

Thank you for taking your time out for this interview.

Going to go straight in with the questions

What are some of your dreams?

My dreams are to become a pediatric nurse & helping people with cancer. 

You have lots of history with cancer being around you or your family?

Yes unfortunately cancer has ripped through my family. My brother and father are both thyroid cancer survivors. My mom is a breast cancer survivor and my aunt Theresa unfortunately lost her fight with breast cancer. 

What are some things you’d like to partake in?

I’d like to partake in raising breast cancer awareness & fundraising.

That sounds very helpful and noble, I’m sure there’s plenty of people that need as much support as possible.

Do you consider yourself a strong person ?

I definitely consider myself a strong woman.

Is there anything that became a major turning point in your life?

In October 2016 I received the news from my genetic counselor that I am BRCA 2 positive. It left me with the decision to either live life being considered high risk for breast cancer or to undergo a double mastectomy to reduce my risk from 95% to about 2%. I chose to undergo a double mastectomy in December 2017.

Wow, that’s very heart breaking, what was the ultimate decision maker of your surgery? I’m sure as a female, changing your appearance so drastically was such a burden on your shoulders. 

What advice did you want to give someone going through what you went through?

I want young women to know about this genetic testing it could possibly save someone’s life, I want the women who did get the testing done and tested positive to know that there is no right or wrong decision & the decision to have a double mastectomy is a very tough one and it’s a very rough process physically and mentally but you are not alone, don’t be afraid to reach out to people who have gone through it, it makes things a little easier. 

What makes it easier ? What motivates you to continue to go strong?

All I have been through and everyday looking at my amazing kids makes me fight harder and makes me want to continue to go after my dreams, I want them to have a great life & I never want them to have to recover from their childhood.

That’s very important, the environment the children is around plays a major role in their life choices etc.

Well that completes October’s first week segment of DreamWarrior. I thank you for tour time my dear. Be sure to check us out next week. 

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DreamWarriors Interview with Mike Anthony


Interview by Jessie C


Hey guys welcome back to week 3 of the segment for our blog DreamWarriors. We are here every Wednesday on the website Let’s thank the lord we are here today and everyday we get up. Everyday we are willing and able to go chase what we desire most. 

Now rolling out the red carpet for guest this week. 

He’s from Brooklyn and he loves to sing. Working on this craft for 10 plus years. It’s Brooklyn in the house, brooklyn in the house...this week will feature Brooklyn’s own Mike Anthony. 

So what is a Dream warrior to you ? 

“I’ve never heard that term honestly but I’d think it means someone who is trying to chase their dream & won’t give up no matter the obstacles”.

“Ok ,ok”

Do you feel a Dream warrior is someone chasing one dream or multiple dreams? 

“Yes that’s it, multiple dreams”

What makes you to continue to go after your dreams? “The love and being passionate about my dreams pushes me daily. I know I’m talented and soon the world will see”.

Can you mention an experience that turned into a major turning point and became an obstacle? Maybe leaving you to make a hard decision? “I’d say just distancing myself from certain people that are not supporting my dream or doing anything for me in my life. Caught myself hanging out a lot and not really doing anything to help my career. Wasn’t an obstacle but I definitely had to make a decision, & fast”.

From that experience was there a lesson learned or some gain of knowledge taken from that? “The lesson was to surround myself with people and things that will motivate or help me get closer to my dream. Can’t lose that way”!

You focus on just r&b?

“Yes mainly or “trap soul”

Anything you learned from being around the singing industry that you didn’t know until you actually got into the field ?

“I’ve learned work HARD people are grindin EVERYDAY to take the next man spot. Work work work”

Yes work work, I agree.

Practice and failure are key I feel to continue towards success.

I want to thank you Mike for your time and questions and the audience will definitely appreciate this as well.”

“No thank you for having me”.

“Well guys that raps up this week’s blog on segment Dreamwarriors, where we feature all the dreamers and fighters/warriors just getting to it”.

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Dream Warriors Interview with Miguel Perdomo


Written by Jessie C

Hey guys what’s up, how are you on this  Wednesday September the 19th. Thanks for joining us again this week on this segment of  “Dream Warriors”. This is our second week and can’t for more weeks to come. Remember always be grateful for the day and the guy above. Speak it into the universe and you shall see all that you’d said will come true.

Now, let’s get back to the segment  I would love to introduce the special guest Dream Warrior of week 2. He is from Paterson, Nj, 36 and his name is Miguel Perdomo. His dream is to be able to take care of his family doing what he loves which is acting/modeling full time.

He has been featured in magazines, websites, poster boards from target, old navy, jcpennys and so much more.

Hey Miguel, let’s get to it. 

Can you mention an experience that can be turned into a major turning point and became an obstacle?

Everyday im faced with should i quit my job and pursue my dreams full time but i cant at the moment because i have a son and its all for him. 

I see, that’s very common within basically everyone following a dream. 

Any recommendations or advice that you can offer someone stuck in this same place?

 Always stick to your guts and instinct! Keep pushing and praying god will resolve your issue asap! 

What can be said that is learned from this?

Ive learned that god has your time not you yourself. Sometimes it may feel like your ready but god is the one to send you a sign when its time.

Any extracurricular or just anything you would love to partake in? 

I would love to partake in coaching my sons basketball team and primarily setting the stage for him to never work for the man! Ha

What makes you keep going? 

What makes me go for more is the fact that I’m not done reaching my best version of me also my family being able to provide for them on a different scale is the dopest shit ever! I hustle 24/7 for them. My wife is a dope support system too I just dont post her because my page is all business but yes shes very present and i love my family because we roll as a unit.

Well that’s amazing Miguel that wraps up our time, I want to thank you for your time.

Thank you 

Dream Warriors Week 1 with Carissa Pignatelli


Written by Jessie C

Hey guys happy Wednesday, thanks for joining us this week on this segment of  “Dream Warriors”. Let’s think about the all the good things that are going on in your life and take a second to be grateful for them. Take a second... Breathe in through your nose.... breathe out through your mouth. Even if you feel there aren’t any good things going on, always remember there can always be a worst situation; we have to appreciate lots of the little things that we take for granted. Let’s keep our arms wide open for all blessings to be received. 

Now, let’s roll out the red carpet and introduce the special guest Dream Warrior. One of Staten Islands very own Carissa Pignatelli, who believes a Dream Warrior is simply someone who fights for their dreams.  She was featured in a small part of a hit show, an aspiring actress, poet and trying to get out of her “comfort zone” and start stand up comedy. 

Carissa do you feel a DreamWarrior is based on fighting for one dream or multiple dreams?

“Notice how my definition for a Dream Warrior has “dreams” in it. In life I think we have many dreams but there's always one maybe two that seem to take priority. Plus I have noticed that as we grow and change our dreams will evolve and sometimes we may not want what we thought we did. However there may be some dreams we may not realize that we wanted until a little later in life”. I feel this is very true and I can add that some dreams you add earlier in life can also resurface later down the line. Tell us are there any dreams you have already accomplished and any currently you are going after? “Two dreams I have accomplished one was to become a nurse the other was to own my own place I accomplished it. Both took a lot of blood, sweat and tears but now my dream is to become a working actor.” That’s pretty awesome and congrats to that. Your dreams are yours and I’m happy you’ve accomplished those thus far.

Can you mention an experience that turned into a major turning point and became an obstacle?

Maybe leaving you to make a hard decision? “When I lost my grandmother and uncle I realized life is too short not to pursue what I wanted. At the time I was working a job that I hated I was so stressed out I was becoming a person I didn't like. Everything suffered my body was declining and my relationships it was like everything around me was being affected by this one thing that I thought was relatively small. So I tried to look around for something better also manage my money so I wouldn't be starving either, took me awhile but I got it”. Wow, I totally get it. Sometimes life can have that domino affect. One part of your life definitely can affect another area. 

Any advice you would like to offer someone that, if not going through a similar situation but had one?

“Well I can say for the time being is remember what you're working so hard for don't forget that you have a dream to chase and although you may not be chasing it as diligently at that moment don't forget about it. The little free time I had was spent going to poetry reads and sending out online auditions. So do what you can while you work the job you hate, remember why you're working hard, so you can give more to your dream”.

Very well put, amazing advice, I want to thank you for your time Carissa. “Thank you for the opportunity”.

This ends our weekly “Dream Warriors” segment, tune in til next week guys.