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Dream Warriors Interview with Roland Knight


Written by Jessie C @jessie5_world


Hey guys welcome back and blessing to all that have made it through this week; it was rough. We definitely still should feel super grateful for seeing another and able to join each other in this world. Things may get nasty but always be that person of happy and positive vibes and willing to help others. Getting back to the regular scheduled programming, this week will feature a male from Brooklyn(my other home). Someone who besides his community advocacy work, he is also an independent artist. He definitely is putting the work and is looking to expand his musical career. Everyone please give a warm welcome for Mr. Roland Knight.

Roland: Thank you Queen for having me

Jess: It’s no problem, just giving recognition. What dreams do you have?

Roland: Dreams. I have many dreams. My biggest dream would be true equality for all people no matter the race, creed, and/or religion.

Jess: Amen to that, we definitely need lots more people with the same mindset nowadays. Hate has been at it’sultimate level of transparency. What are some things you’d like to be a part of ? 

Roland: I am looking forward to doing some more community advocacy work across country.

Jess: For some people that may not know, care to elaborate ? Anything you have done, wish to be involved in specifically?

Roland: I have work for a non profit organization in Youth and Family Development for 16 yrs. Currently I am Program Director overseeing afterschool programs for elementary students in East New York Brooklyn. During the course of my tenure, I have advocated for public funding in Albany to ensure afterschool program a priority when the city is analyzing their budget for the year. Free Afterschool programs are an essential supplemental component to the academic school day and a financial reliever for working families. In the future, I hope to help expand the realm of the afterschool world and provide programs for all underserved communities in New York City. 

Jess: Wow, that’s amazing and such a great thing. It’s hard to work and have children and provide for them let alone provide for yourself. You do the right thing and work but daycare and after school is expensive. You kind of get discouraged when things like that can definitely help relieve some sort of stress in your life.

What’s something that was some sort of inspiration/push or turning point in your life?

Roland: It wasn't a hard decision because it was my choice, but I had to spend some time away from my family for a period of time. Not being able to see my son and my wife was difficult. I told myself I would never be in predicament like that again.  

Jess: I can imagine that feeling, powerless feeling. Do you consider yourself a strong person ?

Roland: Yeah. I would say so. I think being mentally strong is the center of being emotionally and physically strong. I have a lot of people that depend on me so I cant afford not to be strong.

Jess: You may have or may haven’t answered this but what makes you go so hard?

Roland: You give up on your dreams you will never see them come to fruition. That's the beauty of never giving up. When you work hard and you see the success from that, it's an overwhelming experiences

Jess: Yes there’s definitely not any better feeling than succession at working so hard for something. Well, I want to thank you once again. Wrapping this up guys, can always find me on my ig @jessie5_world and find Roland @rollydabigloco. Find more info on past interviews check out the link in my bio also and their ig page @stereotypeco. Peace and love