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Skyllas Wang is Not like the other kids

Amanda Giordano


Why am I not like the other kids?

I've never felt like I really was like anyone else growing up and I always did things in my own weird way. Being an adult, things are still the same way. I choose to make my own path rather than following ones already made. As a creator I find responsibility in my art to be a physical representation of the shifts that happen in life and to make people feel deep emotions that open their mind. One thing I want to teach people through my own being is to be open to taking risks, be open on the journey of finding yourself and be open to love.



Jordan Barone is Not like the other kids

Amanda Giordano


"I am not like the other kids because of my willingness to bet it all on my craft. I eat, breath, sleep, dream, and live music. There’s pictures of me at the piano as early as 2 years old. I began producing with my brother at age 9. I was set on this path way before I knew how it would manifest itself in every aspect of my life. 


Everyone is entitled to their own version of happiness. For me, this would be to make a living by waking up, walking down to the studio, and creating for the largest portion of my day. I believe this is attainable, and this goal has set me in an organized, yet manic frenzy. 


I really took the jump when I began interning as an audio engineer at multiple recording studios in NYC. The city represented the largest of what my dreams could be. I was in rooms with the stars, so close, yet so far. But it drove me, kept me awake for more than 24 hours at a time. 


Not much changed when I made the switch to be an artist. I created around the clock. A hummed melody could turn into a full sonata, and no genre could bind me. I could be Billy Joel’s “Piano Man” over Wu-Tang inspired sampled drums. I'd dream of music, wake up, and rush to bring the idea to fruition. I even forget to eat sometimes, that’s how deep I get in it. I’ve been trying to find the balance so that I don’t lose all aspects of a social life, and so that I still spend quality time with family. But to be honest, it’s all just patchwork, and I’m itching until I can create again.


I’m sure there are some others like me, but I know they are rare. It's my wish to not only create, but have my inner voice and melodies heard, sometimes playing soft, or sometimes screaming boldly, but one way or another, stating clearly- I am not like the other kids. " - Jordan Barone

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Keyz Vango is Not like the other kids

Amanda Giordano


Here’s why I’m #NotLikeTheOtherKids :

I have an understanding that, to lose your “inner kid” is to lose your ability to dream. In order to fulfill your dreams you have to often resort back to that child-like mind set. Kids don’t hesitate so much. Kids don’t dwell on what can go wrong. Kids just do, based on what feels natural. For many, it’s the hardest and most terrifying thing to simply choose happiness. I guess what separates me from the other kids, is that I’ve finally relearned how to stare fear straight in the face and just do me, like a kid.


Prema 777 is Not like the other kids

Amanda Giordano


I’m not like the other kids, I’m captivated by what we don’t notice. I’m inspired by the unknown and I’m driven by the unaccepted. I'm pretty awkward, & uncomfortable, often times overly friendly. I go for opposites and do things like root for the underdog. I look at failure as a friendship to my enlightenment & have always believed I can change the world. Everyday I’m 1 step closer to making a bigger change. Really I’m not like the other kids because I’ve pretty much always been ‘that other kid’. 

Anthony Anderson is Not like the other kids

Amanda Giordano


I move to the BEAT of MY OWN Drum! What I find to be most important is the ability to tune out the noise to fear, self-doubt, and competition. By focusing to only push myself for a greater purpose in hopes to IGNITE and INSPIRE others through my story and playing. To be NOT like the others, is to believe in your pursuit with PASSION and individuality. To stand above the rest by creating your own lane and to build a platform that will motivate and hopefully mobilize others to work towards sharing our art together! Let no past, no circumstance, or hardship stop you from being who you are and thriving. I'm not like the other kids because I DRUM to DELIVER! 


Photo by @kevin.scenery

Oaces is Not like the other kids

Amanda Giordano

To answer your question, I believe I'm not like the other kids because I try to focus more on having a better understanding of myself, rather than focus on what might set me apart from everyone else. We all strive to be unique, but ultimately, that can make us all seem the same. I think its better if people tried to know themselves better. The more I know myself, the more I stand out in a crowd. 

Mandy is Not like the other kids

Amanda Giordano


For most of my life I’ve felt different than others. When I was 8, I was diagnosed with Leukemia. It’s an aggressive bone cancer that was present in 98% of my bone marrow. I went through chemotherapy for 2 and a half years, lost all my hair, and most social interaction due to the fact that my immune system prevented me from ever leaving my house or the hospital. I missed out on a very large chunk of my childhood, and had 5 near death experiences during those two and a half years. At one point, I even had to say goodbye to my family, not knowing if I’d make it through the night.

I was forced to mature mentally at a very young age, and I’ve felt the repercussions of that through my young adulthood. What I took from surviving childhood cancer, has made me feel different. I’ve appreciated the things life’s given me, a little more than most, and try to always look at my life as a second chance. Not many people get to truly gain that perspective on life, and I’m thankful I have that to set me apart.

@ manda.whitney

Thank you Maralee Nielson

Bazookabubba is Not like the other kids

Amanda Giordano


I'm not like the other kids because I've created this universe in my mind that only I know how to get to and I don't give a fuck what people think or say about me. My real name is Gary Mangi and this musical project BAZOOKABUBBA is the entity that inhabits Gary. Sometimes I don't know what BAZOOKABUBBA will write or how his voice will sound when creating the music. It's surreal almost, but he likes to cross genres and cross pollinate many musical styles sometimes in one song. It keeps things interesting for myself (Gary). Bazookabubba likes to sometimes wear makeup when performing, being very androgynous, and go out to  parties, have fun and get into trouble sometimes! I consider BAZOOKABUBBA to be more of a genre-bender more so than a gender-bender!

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Ashlee Barrios is not like the other kids

Amanda Giordano


Waddup Stereotype and Co!? I'm Ashlee, 26 years old, born in Sunset, Brooklyn and raised in Park Hill, Staten Island. I guess I can say I wasn't like the other kids from birth since my mom decided to spell my name with two E's. I'm not like the other kids because I have a talent that's almost unbelievable. Anything I see, I turn into art. Even the trials and tribulations of life, all the twists and turns... are art. And they've created me. I've been through a lot and you may not be able to tell right away because of my undeniable bubbly personality and bright aura... But that's because I know what it's like to feel extremely low. Thus I'd rather spread goodness and kindness. I vent through my art, specifically lettering. I've always loved letters. I remember learning cursive in school when I was maybe 7 or 8 years old and I would measure the distance between letters using the lines on my thumbs. I also discovered that I am ambidextrous at this point. I studied the alphabet and spent time with each letter. I wrote each one in all different styles that I could imagine. "A" was my favorite. It still is. A capital "A" is the only letter that embodies a solid triangle, the strongest shape. I'm definitely not like the other kids.