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Emerging Artist Spotlight: WPG4


This artist caught our attention at Musication 3. A few months ago WPG4 asked us if there was any way he could support Stereotype Co. We responded "Well we have Musication 3 in 5 days. Why don't you showcase your work in the show?" He immediately jumped at the opportunity and sold out of every piece he had there. Since then he has been on a roll creating a variety of pieces inspired by some of our favorites heroes and villains. 

He is one emerging artist to watch in 2016.

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Glad to have taken part in Musication III at 5050 Skatepark this past Friday. Also sold my first 2 pieces of art!

Posted by Wpg4 Designs on Sunday, November 22, 2015

Black on Black on Black on Black


The Black on Black on Black on Black Cassette Snapback is a Stereotype Co exclusive

The Black on Black on Black on Black Cassette Snapback is a Stereotype Co exclusive

No where else in the world will you find something like this. It is because we handcraft them ourselves and serve them to you. 

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Black on Black Deluxe Cassette Snapback

The latest #StereotypeConcept 'Black on Black Snapback' features

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100 people stepped into a Photobooth at Musication and this is what happened


Musication featured a 'Vintage Photobooth' which was styled by the talented Unicorn Empress and photographed by the visual wizard Matty Jacob . It was one of the most fun and unique experiences at #Musication

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Musication Memories


Thank you Angie LMV for this wonderful collection of Musication Memories!

Make sure to tag @angielmv @stereotypeco @projectivity #musication anytime you share. You have Musication Memories? Send them to us at


Matty J x Unicorn Empress at Musication


Pictures are worth 1,000 words but ones styled by Dae UE Monae aka theUnicorn Empress are probably worth 2,000 multiply that the wizardry of Visual Artist,Photographer,Videographer Matty Jacob we are are probably looking at 3,000 words. If I can give both these people 1 word it's AWESOME. Musication will have it's very own Photobooth where you can get styled by Dae and your photos shot by Matty. It will be 1 of many unique experience shops at Musication at 5050 Skatepark just 3 days away at5050 Skatepark.

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Plurtype Photoshoot by Matty J feat Alicia Tamasko & William Stanley for Stereotype Co

Facetime Bronx Photoshoot Styled by Unicorn Empress for Stereotype

Find them both at the Photo Booth at Musication!

Get Familiar with Kwue Molly


Kwue Molly

Have you hear of Kwue Molly? If not, get familiar. he has painted murals in Denver, Miami, toured with Wu-Tang and of course has helped beautify the streets of his hometown Shaolin. He is one of the coolest dudes we have met. You probably have seen that 4 foot white Don't Stop Dreaming sign everywhere. Well he made that for us. In other words he gets around. He will be painting a live mural at Musication in 2 weeks at Staten Islands biggest all age free festival of the year. You do not want to miss this.

Click here to print your FREE tickets  

Musication will take place at 5050 Skatepark on November 14,2014. Free for all ages

Musication will take place at 5050 Skatepark on November 14,2014. Free for all ages

inspired by us

Please Stop The Violence - Fame x Stereotype @ Overspray


by Scott Brown 

What happens when two Staten Island movements meet up and collaborate for a good cause? A full campaign and mural to stop violence in not just Staten Island and the other 4 boroughs, but the world. Enter FAMExSTEREOTYPE, the ultimate collision of two up and coming brands wanting to make a statement…

Overspray NYC is an artistic playground located at 12 Broad St, Staten Island in downtown Staten Island. 

Overspray NYC is an artistic playground located at 12 Broad St, Staten Island in downtown Staten Island. 

After getting a text from a good friend of mine in regards of needing a graffiti artist for a mural, my interest was immediately gained. I was put in contact with Dave Noodlez, founder of stereoTYPE Collective, a Staten Island based fashion brand, who was in need of an artist to do a mural for a campaign he was starting called “Please Stop the Violence”, which was inspired by a poem written and performed by his girlfriend. Watch below

"Fear" by Dae Monae 'The Unicorn Empress' Dancers Shanda Lewis Temidayo Orederu Choreographer Christina McEachern Video/Editing Samantha Riddell "We must stop the violence."

After weeks of going back and forth to make sure this mural was doable, as well as perfect for the “movement”, I stopped by Overspray, a brand new store located in Staten Island’s Stapleton neighborhood, where the NYC Arts Cypher currently calls itself home. The store is completely covered in artwork from local artists, one wall from our partner Reph Paint, which is located on the left wing of the stage where open mics, local musicians, or artists could perform live shows.

I was told I would be doing a wall that is located in the left window display which could be seen from Bay Street,a busy street in the North Shore neighborhood. It was primetime, and I had to make sure it was perfect, especially since I grew up in the neighborhood since my dad was born and raised around the corner on Broad Street. Nervous it wouldn’t be perfect like the other artwork displayed in the store, I got in the zone and took my time.

After two days, tallying up many hours of inhaling spray paint and the constant running back and forth inside to outside, the project was finally done. The mural is a 4.5 foot tall/wide stop sign that is accompanied by the words “Please, the, and violence” written in graffiti to read the campaign name “Please Stop the Violence”. Subliminally, inside the stop sign, the words “Don’t” and “Dreaming” are slightly visible to read “Don’t Stop Dreaming”, a popular line Dave of stereoTYPE goes by.

Mini Mural Please Stop the Violence by Scott Brown

Mini Mural Please Stop the Violence by Scott Brown

The wall can be seen at Overspray NYC: The Artistic Playground, 12 Broad Street, Staten Island, NY which is now open to the public as of October 14th. A portable canvas mural that replicates the wall (seen above) can also be seen at select events. Find them on Facebook to keep up with all events they will be hosting in the near future. FAMExREPHLECTION has a few events planned at the location and we will release more information once confirmed!

Finished front window at Overspray 12 Broad St, Staten Island

Finished front window at Overspray 12 Broad St, Staten Island

Make sure you check out the official stereoTYPE page and buy some gear! #SupportLocalArt.