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Find Out Who Stereotype Turned Down to Go on Tour With & WHY



Last week we made the decision to not go on a big tour with some emerging artist. Not sure if you heard of Tory Lanez or ASAP Ferg but those were 2 of them. We had to chance to set up pop-up shops around the country to meet music lovers around the world.

Why did we turn this down?

At the present moment I am the only full time employee at Stereotype Co. In recent e-mails I spoke about growth and how certain things are affecting our growth. Since Stereotype Co has set up multiple classes in schools, events locally and collaborative projects I had to say NO to this opportunity.

It would've been fun but sometimes fun has to take the backseat.  wouldn't have it any other way. Work needs to be done here and even though it was tempting it wasn't the right time.

Please keep sending us your good vibes as we deal with these new growth conflicts within our company.



A Secret You May Have Not Known About Stereotype, A Dream and Job Opportunity


What's Up Stereotype Fam

I wanted to let you in on a little secret. 

Stereotype Co still operates out of my parents basement. It's not something I am ashamed of. I just wanted to shed some light on our company. We print, produce, assemble and craft all the items you have seen, worn and purchased right in my families basement in Staten Island NY. As convenient as this may be there are some issues we deal with by working from this location

1. It is difficult to have workers here unless I am here with them.
2. It is impossible to train interns. (city and state regulations)
3. It gets in the way of my family
4. Interruptions
5. Other peoples stuff is in the way. The basement is also where my family does their laundry. It's not a mess down here but there's a lot of stuff everywhere.
6.  It is not a professional setting. Makes it difficult to have meet ups, training. This makes it harder to score big accounts and grow.

Even though the rent is low to operate out of this location where I grew up. It makes it a little difficult to grow. We are currently dealing with growing pains.

I love my parents and this is no way a diss to them. I am very grateful they allow me to work out of here without giving me shit  like " you're too old to work out of our home" . They are full supportive of Stereotype Co. My dad actually just gave me a bowl of chicken soup right before I started writing this.

I wanted to publicly tell you guys my newest dream. My dream is to have a Stereotype Co office before the year ends. A place where we can focus on creating, training and growing together. Maybe even a place where we can have workshops and teach people in the community things. I figured by putting it out there it will inspire me to make it happen. And who knows? Maybe someone out there will want to support Stereotype Co on this new dream.

Which leads me to say this.

Stereotype Co is hiring! 

We created a Street Team Program that allows you to work from anywhere in the world and make some extra $ working with Stereotype Co.

This is one of our first steps into growing into a space where we can give people FT jobs.

Click the image below to get more information and see how you can become a Stereotype Street Team and make some $.


We appreciate your love and support over the last 8 years. You have allowed me to do nothing but Stereotype Co and for that I'm grateful.This is my life. This isn't just a job. Some people still think I'm crazy but I just call it Crazy in Love with what I do. 

Hope you all have a great weekend


8 New Ways Will Be Making History in 2016


Are you ready to make history in 2016?

Last year we made some history. This year we have a few things cooking that we wanted to let you our Stereotype Fam know about first. Here are 8 things to look out for from us in 2016

1. Worksheets - We will be designing new worksheets to inspire our Stereotype Fam around the world. All available for FREE

2. Accessory line available on our site - If you met us at a Mobile Gift Shop you may have seen our many accessories from necklaces to bracelets. We'll this year you will be able to get some special pieces on our site

3. Kids Collection - We are proud to be working on our kids line releasing by the end of January. No size will be left out of this collection

4. Women Lifestyle Collection - We will introduce a few pieces from our 'Active Dreamer' line for women

5. Educational Programs - We will be partnering up with organizations and youth centers to provide curriculum for people of all ages to take start up and fashion classes.

6. Events in new cities - You will find us in different cities working with some amazing people to do some interesting things

7. Dreamers Blog Features - We will be featuring dreamers every couple of days on our site providing insight, information and tips.

8 - Collection - New shirts, headwear, novelty goods and collectibles will be available. We will be using many new technologies and innovations to create such pieces. All will be produced in Staten Island

Let us know and we'll help you accomplish them!



5 Reasons You Are Not Getting Free Clothes from an Independent Streetwear Brand


1. Who are you?

We know you think the gear is dope and by rocking it it will make you look awesome in your video but will it help the brand's image? Are you more than just a pretty face? Do you have something positive to say? Are you making an impact on the community? Some brands don't care and only look at followers and your assets but we actually care who you are. 

2. Your followers are funky

We live in a new world where when we meet someone we exchange Instagram's instead of numbers's. If you have less than a decent amount of followers it may be difficult to equate the value of giving you free gear. Also if you have 100k followers and we see that your photos only get 10 LIKES we know you purchased those followers to "Fake The Funk". 

3. Your photos look like 💩

The moment you contact an independent streetwear brand and ask "do you sponsor?" If the brand doesn't delete your e-mail and possibly consider. The first thing we do is look at you and the type of photos you take. We think to ourselves "If we give this person $20,$50,$100 worth of gear will it be worth it.?" If your photos look like 💩 don't expect 💩.

4. Bad time of the month

You may just have picked the wrong time. Independent clothing brands are a dime a duzin these days. There is a lot of them. Everyone has their own brand. You may reach out to a brand and they may be having a tough week in sales. Imagine not moving any product all week and you get an e-mail from someone you barely know saying "Do you sponsor? I would love to model for you". You picked a bad time of the month. 

5. You weren't with us shooting in the gym

You may have heard the quote from Drake but it really hits home. A lot of independent streetwear brands work really hard. Spending tons of designing product, photoshoots, marketing, trade shows, fashion shows, events, social media, networking and market research. This is before any product sells. Then out of nowhere comes someone that wants a free shirt with 220 followers and horrible looking images. The best advice we can give you is "support local". Support the brand and the artists you respect. Don't just roll up on them the minute you get a chance to talk to them and ask them for something. It's worth more having a good relationship with the person who runs a brand then just scoring a couple of free pieces of gear of moving on. And if that's your mission when you meet a brand don't be surprised when that clothing line you never supported in the beginning doesn't give you a free hat.

We are grateful for everyone that has supported us over the last 7 years. Thank you. 

In the mood to support your favorite small business with big dreams? Here's a $10 credit towards your purchase

7 Things We Are Thankful For That Happened This Year


1 - Mermaids Vs. Pirates - This event was inspiring. Seeing the entire community come out for this interactive event was definitely one of the highlights of our year. Erin Kilbane and team created such a beautiful setting. Then we had artists from all different boroughs come out and kick it. Such a beautiful night. See more photos here

2 - FemaleCentric - Teaming up with Unicorn Empress on FemaleCentric was truly an honor and pleasure. This event featured over 25 women artists, speakers, educators and females of influences. This day was so inspiring. See more photos


3 - Musication3 - Teaming up with Projectivity to bring Musication3 back to 5050 Skatepark was something else. 8 Dj's, 30 artists, projections, tshirt making, live murals. It was great to see technology meet art. It was definitely a highlight to provide a donation to the Lark Fund that will help put musical instruments in schools. See more photos

4- 3D Hats - When we create products our main goal is to give you a meaningful timeless piece that doesn't look or feel like anything else. Our 3D Hats have been quite a hit amongst our StereotypeFam. Wait till you see what we do next. Shop hats here


5- 7th Anniversary Celebration.  It was an honor for us to celebrate our 7th anniversary collaborating with 7 of our favorite artists (Chris Rwk, Unicorn Empress, Tiffany Porcu, John Exit, Erin Kilbane, Phucker, Magie Serpica) to make 1 of a kind shirts for our Glow in the Dark Fashion show. To make things even more awesome this was named " The Official Afterparty of Illuminate Stapleton". 7 years ago we dreamed of having so many great people to work with today we are living it. Watch the video here. View more photos


6- What's Your Dream? Since launching this project this summer we have been able to interact with 100's of people around the world. It's inspiring to hear about the dreams of people from all over. We can't wait help people with their dreams. No matter where we both live technology has helped us connect and work together. Tell us your dream


7- Being here. Sometimes it is hard to grasp all the beautiful things that are happening because things are happening at such a rapid pace. To think 7 year ago we started with just 1 T-Shirt and today we have grown to collective of some of the best people in the world working together to make dreams a reality. Just being here and being able to share these moments, art, projects and experiences with people not just locally but globally mean the world to us. 

2015 has truly been the best year of our lives at Stereotype Co. We are thankful for everyone we have had the chance to interact with, work with and speak to during our journey. We Hope you have a great holiday! Don't Stop Dreaming

What Happens When 10 Dreamers Go To A Rooftop Fashion Show in NYC


2 weeks ago 10 dreamers gathered at Skyroom for the Passion for Fashion show hosted by So Sui. We don't have footage from the actual show but this is what happened before and after. Big thanks to Matty J, Remy, OD, Sef, Christie, Alicia, Maria, Kyel, Sunnyhaze, Dave, Drey and Nikki at So Sui Productions. It was a great night. Stay tuned as we announce our next event Stereotype 7 coming soon!

Photos by Matty J (@llmattyj)

Don't Get All Emotional but This May Make You Cry


New Year Same Us,
Still Funkin Awesome

We will still be following dreams. We will still be innovating, creating and remixing fashion, art and events.

We are very proud to announce that we will be joining the Karmaloop family. You will soon be able to shop at Karmaloop for Don't Stop Dreaming hats, shirts and accessories.

Beginning January 1st we will be having our biggest sale of the year. Use code EMOTIONS on your next orders of $120 or more and get 50% off.

It's ok if you get real emotional.
We understand it happens.

We just released a bunch of new Cassette Snapbacks and beanies. 

Check em out!!

Places to Find Us in January

January 14

Club Pyramid w/Majorstage

January 18


January 22
Club Drom w/Minty Burns and Majorstage


January 29

Paperbox w/Majorstage

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